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10th Grade Curriculum 2019-2020

Tenth grade? Did I type that correctly? I can’t believe my little girl is beginning 10th grade this year! I must say, she is a real trooper. She, like most first born, are true guinea pigs. Not only when it comes to homeschooling, but life in general. She has taken to new things and changes we’ve made like a champ. She’s easygoing, smart, and tries hard at whatever she does. She prefers anything over math, is artsy, loves order and neatness, and her eye for detail amazes me.

This year, like every year, I have carefully and purposefully planned her curriculum based on past experience as well as looking towards the finish line. I have given her some choices as well as requirements. I have high hopes that the choices will meet our needs, reflect her style, and give her a well-rounded education as well as preparation for real life. As usual, there is new material and trusted favorites. Here we go!

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Core Curriculum for 10th Grade

Bible – I hope I’m not jumping the gun (currently waiting on a letter of acceptance), but I am very excited to say my daughter as well as myself will be enrolling in Grace School of the Bible. It is a 3 year program for those …..”seeking the godly edification available through the intensive study of sound doctrine”….. My husband is a second year student, and we are looking forward to following him as we learn the Book.

Math – I’m taking a leap here and changing. She has decided that she is able to learn and retain math better through CTC Math. I will be writing a review on CTC in just a few days, as she has been using it some this summer through a product review. I’m not particularly thrilled with switching, but I’m going to have to go with her on this one, this time.

ScienceBJU Press Biology Grade 10 Homeschool Kit, 5th Edition I am so excited to go back to our tried and true source for science this year. For the past two years, I have mistakenly gone with “greener grass”, and it did not work out for us. This course will certainly challenge her, but will hopefully be one of her favorites as it is mine.

HistoryAll American History by Bright Ideas Press. This is a new one for us. I’m happy to have us all together learning our history. It’s been several years since we studied American History, and this one looks to meet our needs this year. I also picked up a Drive Thru History video, America- Columbus to the Constitution. At times, a visual can bring out things the text cannot, and who doesn’t love Dave Stotts’ Drive Thru series?

GrammarFix It! Grammar Student Book 2: Robin Hood. This was one she expressed she would like to stick with this year. I still love the concept of giving the student the chance to see how grammar “works” by seeing how it functions in a story. We were able to review this particular level in the spring, so we will pick it back up soon.

Creative WritingWordsmith Craftsman: I found this little gem last year, and it was gentle, practical, and a good fit for us. The first half focused more on grammar. We were just beginning to put it all together in the writing segment when we were winding things down for the year. We will pick up with more of the writing activities in Wordsmith before we move to the next one. I feel with more consistency on my part, and a new hybrid schedule I’m working on, we will move at a stronger pace. I will also incorporate some photo prompts and other things as I see fit.

Vocabulary/Spelling: We will focus on vocabulary using Vocabulary Cartoons SAT Word Power. We have used Vocabulary Cartoons in the past, and it is a fun program for remembering vocabulary words – and it works! I also picked up some Spelling Power Activity Task Cards from a used homeschool store to incorporate some spelling activities. If I feel we need to continue with a formal spelling program, we will pick up where we left off with Sequential Spelling.

Typing  Typing.com is a free, online, no-frills typing program. I love how simple it is to use. We have used this before and it’s time for a refresher.

Literature: BJU Press Fundamentals of Literature  By BJU Press. She read several stories in this book from last year. We got sidetracked on read alouds (not that it’s a bad thing). This year, we will simply pick up where we left off (we will also continue with a few read alouds).

That’s “the core” for my 10th grader this year! Stay tuned to see what we are using for the “extras” that I plan to incorporate into our mid-morning meeting. (That’s a “morning basket” a little later in the morning) and other times through the day. If you are interested to see what we used last year, check out my 9th Grade Curriculum Choices, or our current 8th Grade Curriculum Choices for our son. Be sure to check out my mid-year check in, because some things have changed. If you are still trying to make those final choices, be sure to check out some of my tips for choosing!

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