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10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2021-2022

How is it that I am posting curriculum choices for our youngest child entering 10th grade? These high school years are going by way to fast for me! This kid would rather work and move on with his life, but we gotta do what we gotta do! So, with that in mind, I will allow much of his work to be done independently, with frequent check ups from me. He enjoys working with his dad in his small business. When his help is needed, I’m willing to let him adjust his own schedule to allow for those opportunities.

Like every year, I have given the upcoming homeschool year much thought in the direction it will go, and the curriculum choices I have made. I want to cover all bases, but at this point in our homeschool career, I want to be practical. I want to allow his learning to go beyond the books and experience real life, as he has everyday this summer and the summer before that. Knowing that kids can throw us a curve ball with life and career choices, he still has a full plate of academics this year.

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10th Grade Curriculum Choices

  • Geometry – He has used Teaching Textbooks since fourth grade. It has been a good fit for him, so we will continue with what works.
  • GeographyBJU Press Cultural Geography. I hope he enjoys this course as much as his sister and I did! I plan to add international street cooking as a part of this course this year we all can participate in. That’s sure to add interest to lunchtime
  • English III – I put this course together using Editor in Chief Level 3 for grammar, It’s NOT Greek to Me for vocabulary, and a few various writing assignments. I also hope to throw in four literature units, titles undecided.
  • ScienceSurvey of Science & History Concepts. This was a course I did not spend much time researching, but one I am most excited about. I have used Masterbooks General Science a couple of years ago, and this looks to be a similar format. My only complaint was not enough experiments last time, but I found a fix for that right in my own Usborne store! They will be the perfect compliment. I’m thinking we will chose two volumes this year and save the other two for next year, so we don’t have to rush through it.
  • Bible – He will begin GSB (Grace School of the Bible). We are all enrolled in the three year course. It is an intensive study of the Bible according to the method set forth in II Timothy 2:15.

I did not choose an elective this year, because we plan to do a lot with these courses. I also want to allow time for him to work as needed. His remaining two years of school will have slightly less core curriculum and more electives/work related training as he narrows down what he would like to do after high school.

That’s our plan, and we may or may not be sticking to it! Check back with me for an update in late January when I write our mid-year check in! This will be our first year there will not be any shared courses between my two with the exception of a few literature units and our Lunch Crate that I look forward to posting very soon!

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