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7th Grade Curriculum 2018-19

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(Some of the content is a repeat of my previous post, but some things are different for my 7th grader)  

Making plans for my 7th grader was slightly easier.  One, because I’ve done it with my guinea pig, I mean my first born.  Second, because he’s a “get it done” kind of kid.  Last year, when there was an end in sight, he doubled up and completed his math curriculum a month early.  He did well, and was off playing in the sun, perfecting his trampoline skills, and just being a boy.   He’s a sharp kid, but there are skills he still needs much work on.  Neatness is a big one.  Due dates are another.  Now that he’s in middle school, I want to help him put as much effort in his school work as he does other things.  I also want to leave time for him to tinker at home, and learn valuable skills working with his dad when he can.

Our curriculum has mostly been a traditional type, with a good mix of games, field trips, and a unit study or  two thrown in to break up the monotony.  I have been fortunate to have two children only two grade levels apart, so aside from math and grammar, we have been able to successfully cover most subjects together.  This year, however, it seems to be the opposite.  The only part of their core subjects that will be the same is grammar, spelling, and Bible.  Exactly how I’m going to schedule my new split teaching time is still in the works.  Unless I decide to check into the closest mental institution first.

So again, with many late nights, many prayers for wisdom and good judgement, I have decided.  Our 7th grade choices are:

  • Math – Teaching Textbooks Math 7.  We have used this for several years now, and overall I have been happy with the ease of use, auto grading, and the ability to see every problem worked out.
  • Grammar – Fix It Grammar Book 1  This is a new one for us.   I am hoping  this will show him a different approach of how to use all those years of grammar rules and actually apply them in his writing, as well as practicing those handwriting skills.  The sentence correction passages must be rewritten correctly in a separate notebook.
  • Creative Writing – Jump In:  A Workbook for Relctant and eager Writers. This looked like a fun one!  I liked the conversational tone, small steps presented,  and the wide variety of  skills taught in this book.
  • ReadingNot wanting reading to be another subject to check off a list, my son will be reading various novels recommended in his history curriculum, some sections in a grade 6 BJU  Reading book that I forgot I had, as well as other titles chosen from a reading list that I will make.  We will also continue our read-alouds each month, which is a favorite of mine (and theirs).
  • Painless Spelling (Painless Series).  At this point, we are past spelling lists in a traditional sense, but I feel the need to continue a few days a week .  This looked fun and “painless” – we will see if the title is true!
  • History:  From Adam to Us.  We started this last year, but only doing a couple days a week we did not get far.  We covered all the B.C material, and will begin with the birth of Christ. I enjoyed the beautiful illustrations in the textbook as well as the varied comprehension questions and activities in the workbook.  We will also incorporate some of the suggested novels.
  • Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science.  There is a lot of material in here!  My plan is to possibly stretch this and use for two years.  As I’ve said before, science is my favorite, and at times I like to do some other science-related activities to take a break from the curriculum a bit.  I’m sure some of the experiments in my daughter’s physical science course will interest him as well, and we can still do some activities together.
  • Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media-For Budding Artists of All Ages (Lab Series).  I will be using this as well as Pinterest.  We will also be learning of various “greats” from numerous books I have on hand. Art has never been his favorite activity, so I’m hoping to help him find more enjoyment and exercise his creative side that is hidden at times.
  • Typing.com.  We started this free, online program mid-year last year.  I was looking for a no-frills typing program, and this one is just that.  I’ve seen improvement after only a few month’s use, and he completed a third of the course last year.

Now that you’ve seen what both my kids are doing this year, I think I have taken “eclectic homeschooler” to the max!  One of the many beautiful things about homeschooling is tailoring and using curriculum to teach each child as an individual.  Even with just two kids, it’s obvious they all learn differently!  What a great opportunity we have!  I will post an update on my chosen curriculum mid year.  We have a few more things including Bible study,  that I will category in my “morning basket” that I will tell you about next week.

Here’s to a busy, fun-filled year (or so I hope!).

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