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A+ Interactive Math Review

Math – a necessary subject that can make your homeschool experience a delight, or it can make you want to throw in the towel! I’ve seen smiles of delight and tears of despair (mostly my despair) in our 12 years of homeschooling. Thankfully there are many products available to teach my least favorite subject so I don’t have to! I’m excited to tell you about one I had the chance to review recently, A+ Interactive Math.

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. After using A+ Interactive Math, I became an affiliate. I may make a commission at no extra cost to you should you decide to purchase.

What is A+ Interactive Math?

A+ Interactive Math by A+ Tutorsoft Inc., is a comprehensive Online Math Curriculum for students in first grade through Algebra 1. It can be used as a full math curriculum for homeschool students, as well as students in traditional schools, who need extra help with math. I can imagine with so many kids learning virtually, a math tutor at your fingertips can be a beacon of light in the dark tunnel of math struggles. A+ Interactive Math can fit a variety of learning styles, and is affordable for varying budgets.

How does A+ Interactive Math work?

I was given the opportunity to check out both a lower (2nd grade) and upper grade level math (pre-algebra) course. They both are similar in that the guided learning is done in 3 steps beginning with a video lesson, a short interactive question/answer, followed by a worksheet that you can do right online, or print if you prefer.

  1. Video Lesson – Quick and to the point, most of the lessons I viewed were between 5-10 minutes, for both the lower as well as the higher grade level I reviewed.
  2. Interactive Question & Answer – Contains a variety of problems pertaining to the particular lesson. If a problem is incorrect, the program goes straight to a short video with a thorough explanation of the solution.
  3. Worksheet – Designed to give even more practice of solving problems. The ones I viewed in both levels contained 10 practice problems.

The student can test what they have learned with an exam. The exams are timed to simulate real life-like exams. The elapsed and remaining time is displayed on the screen during the exam.

What I Thought of A+ Interactive Math (Mom’s View)

There were so many things I like about A+ Interactive Math. Starting with the week by week lesson plans that you can print and check off as your student progresses through the lessons. The comprehensive progress reports are valuable in seeing where the student is doing well, or may be struggling. I like the option of being able to work online, or have the questions printed. One of the things that I noticed right away is the curriculum incorporates audio, visual, and text. This multi-sensory approach is fantastic, because one size usually doesn’t fit all. Another bonus are the helpful reference sheets that can be used by you or your student. Self-paced, self-grading, and a user-friendly platform are are A+’s to me!

A+ Interactive Math is flexible for whatever your need may be. Single grade levels as well as family packages are available for up to 10 students at different grade levels. Whether your student needs a tutor for trouble areas or you need a full curriculum, A+ Interactive Math has got you covered!

Want to give it a try? Click here for a one month free trial. After the trial is over, and you like it as much as I did, use my code homeschoolfanatic for a 20% discount!

Note: I usually review things that my own kids use. Since this program does not go beyond Algebra, my high school age kids did not use it. Many thanks to A+ Interactive Math for the opportunity to review something that could be helpful to my readers with younger children than my own.

3 thoughts on “A+ Interactive Math Review”

  1. I’m not a fan of the website. It glitches sometimes, and it has once gotten my grade to 0. Their customer service is not that good, and they don’t have a phone number labeled on the website so you can contact them. I have had a friend try emailing them before but they haven’t ever gotten back to her.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that – the short time I reviewed the product, I had no issues. Have you tried filling out the “contact us” form on their website? My communication with them has been through Instagram.

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