About Me

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Jenn,  I am the wife of an amazing husband, and the mother of two fantastic teenagers. We have exclusively home-schooled from the beginning, and now both kids are in high school! I’m also a fanatic. You can check out our homeschooling story here.

This blog is for those who love homeschooling, those who are thinking about homeschooling, those struggling in their homeschools, and even those who despise homeschooling, because I will try to change your mind.

I want to provide you with encouragement, support, ideas, and oodles of confidence – that YOU are the BEST ONE suited for the job of teaching your kids.  I love incorporating fun in learning, even for big kids! I’m also somewhat of a curriculum junkie – I’ve been a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew for two years, and am a member of the Timberdoodle Review Team. You will find many reviews on my blog!  

My aim is to cheer on and encourage all homeschoolers. My heart lies with moms of middle school and high school kids. By this time, many give up this whole homeschooling gig to hand their kids over to someone who maybe more “qualified”.  I want to squash that doubt you may have, and encourage you that you are enough, and to KEEP GOING! It is tough at times, but this will be some of your best homeschooling years (and I’m not just saying that)!

A few more tidbits about me:  I’m born and raised in coastal NC. I love to laugh. I’m a night owl. I am somewhat of a “grounded-free-spirit”.  I sometimes say what’s really on my mind. Simple things make me happy.  I’m sill learning the concept of time.  I have good intentions.  I’m a Grace Believer.  I love coffee and good conversation.  I am a homeschool fanatic.

Meet my family

My husband and I have been married for 23 years. We are opposites in many ways. We agree that our differences compliment each other. Our daughter, Savannah is 17, and our son, Gabriel, is 16.