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Artistic Pursuits, Inc. Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Out of all the art techniques we have tried over the years, sculpting has been one we have yet to try. I have very little experience with three-dimensional design, unless you count the salt dough map of our state that we made several years ago. I was excited to have the opportunity to really get hands on with the help of Sculpture Technique, Construct  from Artistic Pursuits Inc.

What is Artistic Pursuits?

Artistic Pursuits Inc. is an award winning, complete fine arts program that teaches the whole subject of art. The focus is on art instruction, art history, and art projects. Course offerings are for preschool all the way through high school. The books are labeled for a range of grade levels, so you can use one course for most of your children. New on their blog is a 16 week summer series for beginning drawing students. Find the free video lessons at Online courses are also now available for all the K-3 level books and can be found here.

A note from the author.

The book we received, Sculpture Technique, Construct  is a 36 week introductory course in sculpture. There are four units of study: Creating Form in Papermaking, Creating Planes in Cardboard, Creating Motion with Papier-mâché, and Creating Volume with Wire. Each unit has a supply list, a short explanation of the particular element of sculpture for the unit, as well as information about the material used.

Students will get a glimpse of how to work with the material and examples of how contemporary artist have used a particular element within a work of art. Next, you will get a chance to try several projects using the unit material in several ways. The visual examples and clear instructions guide you into choosing your own subject for each sculpture. Each unit ends with an evaluation to check the students understanding the element, art, and craftsmanship in the unit with critical thinking style questions.

A sneak peek of the inside of the book

How we used Sculpture Technique, Construct

My daughter and I tried projects from the Papermaking and Papier-mâché units. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience in papermaking. The illustrated instructions are clear and include all the details needed for success. I like the tips such as what to do when the pulp gets thin, and where to let the pieces dry, and for how long. Check out our short video to see the process from start to finish.

We chose to use our paper to make the first project in the Papermaking unit, a low-relief form. In low-relief sculpture, parts of the sculpture project slightly from the background. The paper was cut, tore, then glued to a full sheet of handmade paper. We were both pleased with the outcome!

Several other projects in this unit include forming the paper into flowers and making mobiles from wet paper on wire armatures. We jumped over to unit 3 and got creative with papier-mâché. The last time we made anything papier-mâché was a globe years ago. Sculpture Technique, Construct took us to another level in papier-mâché. We learned the difference between static vs. dynamic sculpture, and the project we chose contained both. Pinterest provided the inspiration to make birds. Just like the other units, students are instructed to come up with their own idea. In this unit, the student has to figure out how to add motion that suggest movement. The illustrated instructions and project examples give direction as well as confidence in creating what at first may look intimidating.

How we liked Sculpture Technique, Construct

Personally, I loved it, but I love art. I asked my daughter what she thought, and although she did enjoy the projects, she wouldn’t want to do this for a full school year. I understand how she feels, as art is not her favorite subject. That’s why this curriculum is great in two ways. One, that you can certainly enjoy parts of this program and use how you wish. Two, this is a fantastic art curriculum for the serious art student. This can absolutely count for a credit if using with your high school student. The book includes a thorough course description and scheduling options. Depending on your state requirements, this course information can be put on a transcript.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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