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Bible Breakdowns Bible Study Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Whether you’re simply looking for an overview or are digging deeper in Bible study,  Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School has got you covered!

Teach Sunday School provides hundreds of printable Bible lessons, games, crafts, and worksheets. I had the opportunity to review the complete set of Book by Book Bible Breakdowns that includes both the Old and New Testaments. They are an instant download, printable PDF.

What are Bible Breakdowns?

Bible Breakdowns are one-page subject breakdowns for each book of the Bible – with the exception of Matthew, because there’s a lot there to break down! Each sheet begins with the name and placement of the particular book. For each book of the Bible, there is a short synopsis of the book, followed by a colorful info chart. The handy chart includes the number of chapters, the type (history, Pauline, poetry, etc), date written, period covered, and author.

The breakdowns are listed chronologically by chapter, verses, and subject. Under the subject heading, is a brief phrase about what that particular section is about. Some are color coded in blue, indicating a classic Bible story. At the bottom of the page is a section that lists the most popular verses.

I’m a huge fan of pretty printables and presentation is important to me. Teach Sunday School never disappoints! Their materials have an organized layout, easy to read fonts, and their color choices always make a fantastic presentation.

How I used Bible Breakdowns.

I simply used them next to my Bible, and glanced over them before reading a few chapters. I just started my fall reading goal of reading Paul’s epistles and the book of Proverbs. I’ve heard it recommended to read Paul’s epistles 12 times a year. For now, what I can do is form the habit of doing it seasonally with the addition of one other book of my choosing. Maybe one day I will work up to 12!

Bible Study – Book by Book.

Personally, I feel the best way to learn the Bible is to read it! There’s no devotional or prepackaged Bible study written by man that can top the Words of God. Did you know there are several verses in the Bible that tell us to read? One comes to mind is from a dear Facebook friend who ends many of her posts with Isaiah 34:16a. It says “Seek ye out the book of the LORD, and read”. Find other verses about reading in 1 Timothy 4:13, Ephesians 3:4, and I Thessalonians 5:27.

What I like about Book by Book Bible Breakdowns is that it is a reference tool that gives information about the individual books of the Bible in an easy to use format. The printables can be used for personal Bible study or as a checklist for Bible reading. The Breakdowns would be fun to turn use as a game for children and teens. I’m thinking games like guess which book, or who wrote it, or some other kind of Q&A. Teach Sunday School has already come up with several games, so be sure and check out that part of the website too!

Several other families of the Review Crew used Bible Breakdowns in their homes. Check how they used this tool and out what they thought by visiting the Homeschool Review Crew!

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