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Bible Study with Bible Blueprints

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

One definition for blueprint is a detailed outline or plan of action. That’s exactly what Bible Blueprints from Teach Sunday School are! They are a one page study outline of each book of the Bible. Bible Blueprints are a terrific tool that works well with any Bible study.

What are Bible Blueprints?

Bible Blueprints are outlines of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Each book of the Bible is outlined on one page in a simple format. It is a digital download that can be printed right at home. The pages are well-designed and colorful, with easy to read fonts. Each page includes details such as the location order of the book in the Old or New Testament, the number of chapters, and type of book. Other information includes a brief overview of the book, date written, time period covered, and the author. Chapters are broken into groups with a summary of points within each section.

Why use Bible Blueprints?

Have you ever started to study a book and want an overview or a breakdown of what it’s about? I know I do! Bible Blueprints make Bible study more approachable. Last year, I reviewed Bible Breakdowns from the same company, Teach Sunday School. While they are both similar in format, Bible Blueprints gives more of an overview of the specific book, rather than a detailed breakdown of each chapter in the book. Used together, along with your Bible and a dictionary, you will be well on your way to solid Bible study. As I’ve said before, I feel the best way to learn the Bible is to read it! There’s no devotional or prepackaged Bible study written by man that can top the Words of God. The Bible even says to give attendance to reading!

How I used Bible Blueprints

I printed off the blueprint for the corresponding book I was reading, and kept it next to my Bible. It was helpful to be able to give it a look over, then to go back and read the chapter “chunks” to reiterate what I had read. I use a King James Bible, so it’s nice to have some help with some of the more difficult sections of text without compromising the Bible itself. Our teenage daughter looked them over as well, and I received this text message from her: “Yes, I do think those sheets would be helpful to read before, or whilst you are reading the corresponding book in the Bible.” I appreciate her wit, and love the King’s English shining through in her texts!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Teach Sunday School has fantastic material to enhance any Bible study. I have really enjoyed the affordable, printable reference material they offer. The printables can be used individually, or with family or group Bible study. To see what other members of the Review Crew thought of Bible Blueprints, click the banner below!


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