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CTCMath Review

Review a math program in the summer? The mention of math is normally a forbidden four-letter word around here, especially during the summer! After a less than spectacular year with our first year of high school math, an opportunity arose to review a 12-month Family Membership from CTCMath. Honestly, the timing could not have been better!

My daughter and I went through three different math programs last year in hopes of understanding algebra. CTCMath was one of them. Rather than starting at the beginning, we tried to pick up at the areas where she was struggling. She seemed to do well for a few weeks, but I could not get used to picking and choosing which lessons to focus on next, and went back to what was familiar. Frustrated, we managed to trudge through and just look forward to summer. We happily went through a few weeks of summer bliss without math when CTCMath came up to review. I decided we should give it another try. Perhaps a fresh start at the beginning would make a difference…….and it did!

What is CTCMath?

CTCMath is an affordable online math curriculum for grades K-12. The courses range from kindergarten concepts to calculus and everything in between. The founder of CTCMath, Pat Murray, has over 30 years of experience as a math teacher. His explanations are clear and concise, and the conversational tone in his Aussie accent is enjoyable to listen to. Murray’s multi-sensory approach in his program include video, audio, interactive questions, and good ‘ole pencil and paper.

Any time you can engage students on multiple levels, where you encourage students to use some or all of their senses, the level they understand, how much they can retain, all of this increases significantly. This is one area where the experts have got it right.”

Pat Murray, founder of CTCMath

How we used CTC Math

Getting started with CTCMath is easy. There is an 8 minute video to guide you into getting your student set up, and a brief explanation of the features in the program. The parent area allows you to set pass grades, add tasks, diagnostic tests, and view extensive reports of your students’ progress.

My 10th grade daughter does this class independently. I set up the tasks for the week, and she moves through. That does not mean I am left wondering how she’s doing. I’ve never seen a program with such extensive reports! I know when she logged in, how long the lesson took, the grade she made, if she had to attempt the lesson again, when she logged out, and more! I also get a weekly email that I can print out for recordkeeping.

What we thought of CTCMath

It’s cool. Basic. Simple. Brief lectures help keep my interest without my mind wandering off. Can I continue to use this for next year?”

Savannah, 15 years old

That is enough to convince me that CTCMath will be our choice for Geometry this year. Now that I have had the summer to really look at most of the features, I like it too! I love the reports, the printable checklist with every lesson title for the course on it (that I just found yesterday), and the variety of learning techniques offered. It’s useful to be able to switch from parent to student view without having to log in and out. We did not use the speed drills, but we intend to when the new school year begins. Drills are a great tool to randomly give your high-schooler and keep them on their toes.

My only complaint would be too much flexibility. I believe that is what I didn’t like when I tried it last year. I started her off somewhere in the middle and skipped around trying to find the source of the struggle. For me, I prefer doing what’s next, and moving on down the list. Starting a new course from the beginning made a huge difference for us both.

What I love the absolute most is that her confidence is improving, and she has told me she liked this class. It’s been a few years since I’ve head those words! Whether it’s CTCMath, or geometry instead of algebra, time will tell. For now, I’m happy that math isn’t a forbidden four-letter word.

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