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Drawing with ARTistic Pursuits

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

“I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing.” -Vincent van Gogh

This summer, I visited the Van Gogh Immersive Experience, and it was delightful! I love art, whether it is viewing something as magical as Van Gogh projections, or dabbling with it myself. However, drawing is something I always thought either you could, or you just couldn’t do. It seems as some are just natural “drawers”. Could drawing be learned? The good news is yes, and ARTistic Pursuits has numerous courses to help. One of their new courses, Drawing with Water-soluble and Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 5, is the one I choose to review.

Drawing Course Description

Drawing with Water-soluble and Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 5 is a high school level art course in drawing, using water-soluble and graphite pencils. This is an advanced course and perfect for the experienced art student. The independent course can be scheduled twice a week for one semester and is worth .5 credit of drawing instruction. Drawing with Water-soluble and Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 5 contains 36 lessons comprised of video and textbook instruction, covering the elements of art and composition. The textbook is a 64 page hardcover book plus a DVD and Blu-ray are included. An online option with the physical product is also available, which is what I received to review. Online, the book is an exact copy of the hardcover that can be flipped through, with streamed videos.

Unit Topics and Materials

Drawing with Water-soluble and Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 5 focuses on the elements of art when drawing. The units are as follows: line, space, shape, texture, value, form, facial forms, human forms, and still life forms. Four types of lessons within each unit allow the student to explore the topic further through video instruction that shows how to use the art materials. Here the student learns from direct observation. The second lesson focuses on creating a work of art from one’s own observations and ideas. Third, is an art appreciation and history lesson on European artists, and last, is the master lesson. This is where students create a work of art by applying all they’ve learned about the unit topic.

The short list of materials is all you need for this course, and a sample of Unit 4 flip book pages.

How I Used the Course

Since my kids are both working full time, and I happen to like art and write reviews, I went through several of the lessons myself! I really like the layout and presentation, the art history sections are very interesting, and the projects themselves are challenging, but doable. The instructor, Ms. Ellis, really wants you to observe and see. To really see what you’re looking for and focus on one element of art at a time while blocking out the others. I would have never thought I’d see so much in a simple paper bag! That is where this feels like more of a professional art class to me, rather than usual step-by-step drawing courses that I have done in the past. (Although, I love step-by-step tutorials too)!

What I thought of the course

If you’re looking for a well-rounded art course, any of the courses from ARTistic Pursuits would be a terrific choice. Last year, my daughter and I reviewed Painting with Watercolor Pencils, and enjoyed that one too – maybe even more, because I love color! The course is well organized, and easy to follow.  I would recommend this to the serious as well as the curious art student. Other members from the Review Crew reviewed several of the courses available for elementary, middle, and high school levels. Be sure to read about those by clicking the banner below.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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