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Easy Grammar Systems Review

If you’re looking for a grammar program that is to the point and free of distractions or many extras, you are at the right place! I first saw this at a homeschool convention, and it has been on my list to check out for about a year now. Nearing the end of summer, I was looking at several options for teaching grammar. I was excited to have the opportunity to review Easy Grammar Plus from  Easy Grammar Systems to use with my “get it done” son.

What is Easy Grammar Systems ?

Easy Grammar Systems texts use the prepositional approach combined with effective strategies to help students understand grammar concepts. Easy Grammar Plus   is a non-grade level text. Typically, the text is ideal for seventh grade, but can be used in junior high through adult. The text is written at a fourth-grade reading level.  Therefore, students can focus on concepts rather than deciphering complicated sentences.

Easy Grammar Plus  begins with an 8 page assessment for the student to take before beginning lessons. After scoring, store it until the course is complete. The student will take it again as a post-assessment. Students will then be able to see how much more they have learned throughout the course. Easy Grammar Plus include unit reviews and tests, as well as cumulative reviews and tests. The course is mastery-based learning that begins with a list of 53 prepositions to be memorized. Being able to identify prepositions right at the start, students are able to easily identify subject and verb and then build on more challenging concepts.

A sample of the first lesson.

How we used  Easy Grammar Plus 

I teach the short explanation in the teacher’s manual, then we do one workbook page together. Because it is a mastery approach, there are a couple more workbook pages that he does independently. I check over those for accuracy and understanding, then we move on to the next lesson. We are covering several pages a day, because I incorporated a block schedule for some of our subjects. We will use Easy Grammar Plus  for a few weeks, then move to writing for the rest of the quarter.

What we thought of Easy Grammar Plus 

I am liking the simplicity and straightforwardness of the material. The use of simple sentences really helps with learning the concept to be taught without getting lost in wordiness. Personally, I like colors and graphics, but this seems to be a good fit for my son, who does not care about that. After the first week, I can see progress. He is able to recognize a prepositional phrase right away.

I purchased the student workbook, because even though everything you need is in the teacher’s manual, it is huge! Families are free to photocopy, but this book is nearly 700 pages. That makes it difficult to handle on my printer. One other thing to mention is that the “lessons” are not numbered. This made my planning a bit of a hassle because I had to count most of those pages to determine how much we needed to complete in a day to work with our schedule. Other than that, I have been pleased with Easy Grammar Plus. 

It’s easy, like it’s supposed to be – according to the name”

Gabe, 13 years old

He’s not a fellow of many words, but anything positive about a grammar course coming from a 13 year old boy works for me! We have a group of 70 other reviewers who have much more to say and reviewed several different levels of Easy Grammar Systems. Be sure to click the banner below to read their reviews, and check them out on social media!

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