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Eight Great Reasons Why You Should Be Gifting Books

Get them something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to READ. I think this is a fantastic rule of thumb to follow, but how many actually do this?

The stores are currently bursting at the seams with gift items. But are they really nice things? As long as I’ve been buying gifts, I always look for quality and usefulness. These two things are hard to come by in many of today’s toys. Books are timeless gifts that go beyond whatever “hot item of the season” that retailers want you to purchase. Here are just a few things to consider when purchasing gifts (for any time of year), and why books make great gifts!

This post contains affiliate links, specifically to my Usborne Books & More website. I have been a consult for nearly 10 years, and the quality and content of these books are amazing! I make a commission from your purchase, and while it cost nothing extra to you, it means a lot to me – thank you!

Eight great reasons to give books!

  • Books promote literacy. You can certainly feel good about that! Even before kids can read themselves, you are doing so much when you read to a child! In a time when we have so many choices such as handing them an iPad full of apps or turning on the television, nothing takes the place of reading a book with your children. Even long after they can read themselves!
  • Books don’t have small pieces. If you’ve ever stepped on a lego, you know books are much less painful! Additionally, you don’t have to keep them away from younger siblings.
  • Books are easy to wrap and mail. Coming from a gift wrapping procrastinator, I am thrilled when I come to a book to wrap! Plus, if you do have to ship, you can use media mail to cut shipping costs.
  • Books do not require batteries or have to be assembled before giving. At times, the packaging itself can be more daunting than putting the actual toy together! You don’t have to worry about that with books. Any of our books that do require batteries, are already in there!
  • Books expand vocabulary. Dramatically. Young and old alike! One of my new favorites is The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures – talk about expanding vocabulary in a fun way!
  • Books don’t go out of style, or come in the wrong color. That’s right! What I love about Usborne is that most of their books are non-commercial – meaning, the here today gone tomorrow characters are not part of their line. For example, one thing I stress to my customers is in princess books such as Cinderella, it not the Disney Princess Cinderella. In our books, she’s a brunette. You won’t find last year’s favorite cartoon character in our books.
  • Books match any decor. Absolutely! Books look so much better than the monstrosity of hot-pink plastic in the family room! I even have a few books that my kids have outgrown still on living room bookshelf, just because they’re gorgeous!
  • A book is a gift that can be opened again and again. Books can take you places you may never get to go, make you laugh out loud, stimulate the mind, and so much more! When you get tired of opening it, pass it on to another sibling, friend, or stranger.

Old & New Favorite Usborne Books

Last year, I wrote a blog post with my top ten favorite Usborne titles. They are all still available, with the exception of #10, the book box subscription. Those are still all of my favorites! In addition to those, here are just a few more that are new this year that I love:

  • Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland – They’ve added a few more Illustrated Originals this year, and they are all beautiful, and will certainly match your family room decor! Other new titles in this series include Black Beauty, The Jungle Book, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • How Big Is Our Baby – I love this new book! Perfect for moms-to-be that already have young children. The book tells young children what to expect and gives them an idea what the baby looks like month-by-month, comparing the baby to something familiar, such as a speck of sand, an egg, or a watermelon!
  • Managing Your Money – both my kids are getting their own copy in their stockings! They are currently taking an economics class at co-op, and this will make a great addition to round out their course. A guide on earning money, smart shopping, and budgeting fills the pages with practical information.
  • Never Bored Books & Cards – From cards with mazes and puzzles to solve, to books full of ideas to never be bored. These will be great for the winter ahead!
  • Graphic Legends & Graphic Classics – Others in this series include: The Adventures of King Arthur, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Odyssey, and The Three Musketeers. These have been popular especially among boys who have come by my booth.

When I start looking for new favorites, I have a hard time choosing which ones to tell you about, because there are so many great ones! New puzzles, new series titles, and new Write-Your-Own books are also worth taking a look at! One more thing to take a look at is my Facebook page, Dragon Girl Book Club for deals on items I have in stock all next week!

To see or purchase any the above books as well as many others, check out my Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant Website. If you need assistance, leave a comment – I love helping people shop for the perfect book!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my post.  Give the gift of literacy that will last a lifetime!

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