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Fun Family Chess Review

I have never played Chess in my life, but have been curious for a few years now. I love incorporating games in our learning, so I was very happy to have the opportunity to review Fun Family Chess from Brain Blox.  What’s really neat is that my kids have never played either, so we started out on a level playing field.

What is Fun Family Chess?

Earth’s most dandy & delightful, refreshingly refined, easy-peasy way to learn CHESS!”

Brain Blox

Brain Blox is a family-owned company whose mission is to empower families to be more conscious & intentional with one another through meaningful play with toys and games. Just one look at their website and videos will have you feeling like a kid again, and put a smile on your face!

What’s in the box?

You know when you can tell something’s going to be good, just by looking at the packaging? From the graphics on the box to the game pieces themselves, I recognized that this is a quality product, and Brain Blox places high value in product presentation. The Fun Family Chess set includes a folding wooden chess board, 32 wooden chess pieces with felt on the bottom, two soft drawstring pouches, a full color instruction book, 2 thick reference cards, and a chess cube.

How we used Fun Family Chess

We started out by watching the how to videos. The videos are fun, easy to follow, and tell you everything you need to know to have you playing chess in no time! Plus, the quirky videos are so entertaining!

After we had our pieces set up and viewed the videos, we were quickly up and running. The reference cards made it so easy to know exactly what to do on your turn. My daughter caught on quickly, and did not depend on her card as much as I did. The cube is a great addition for newbies like ourselves. It serves as an aid in learning how the pieces are to move. It also adds another element to the game, because whatever you land on may change your strategy. We played several games together and kept up with wins and losses. I won a few, but I think she took advantage of my uncertainty at times. It’s great that two novices could be able to catch on to a somewhat intimidating game so quickly!

You can also play Fun Family Chess the traditional way. There is no cube to roll. You can choose any piece you can legally move. That will require planning and strategy on your part without the aid of the cube. Winning is a little more involved in standard Chess. Rather than capturing the king, you trap the king and the other player must think about how to escape the trap on the next turn. For now, we’ve enjoyed the Fun Family version, but with more practice I believe we will enjoy the traditional way to play as well.

What we thought of Fun Family Chess

Fun Family Chess is fantastic for beginners to learn the basics of playing chess. Brain Blox has done a fine job of simplifying a complicated game. My 15 year old daughter really looked forward to playing nightly after the dishes were done. I liked that the dishes were done! Many families of varying ages reviewed this product. Read what they had to say about it on the Crew Review banner below! Chess really is family fun for everyone with Fun Family Chess!


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