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Fundraising: Simple & Profitable with Cards

Need cash, need it fast? I know, I know, it sounds like a line from a commercial, right? Well, let me drop you a commercial that is worth tuning in to!

I have been known to cringe at fundraisers. Bake sales are hard work (usually for mama), same for yard sales. Kid-run carwashes? Ummmm, no thanks. I’d rather just give them a few bucks and save the scratches. I don’t have the freezer space for cookie dough, fruit goes bad before I can eat it, and raffles are a just waste to me, like throwing money into the wind.

I am a Brand Partner for PaperPie. Through blogging, promoting literacy, and using affiliate links with other partners, (at no extra cost to you), is how I fundraise for life’s little extras. For more details, see my disclosure policy.

Fundraising with Cards for a Cause

Cards for a Cause (CFAC) is a unique program offered by PaperPie. It is a simple, profitable way of raising funds for your organization or cause with boxes of greeting cards. The cards are of the highest quality, and appeal to a variety of audiences. CFAC is flexible for small or large groups. The greeting cards boxes come in four style choices, and are $30 per box. You or your organization will earn up to $13 per box (that’s a 43% profit) and there is no limit on earnings! All boxes are ordered after purchase so there’s no pre-payment, or risk of overstock.

Who can benefit from Cards for a Cause?

ANYONE! Yes, absolutely anyone who needs cash, and is willing to sell a few boxes to earn it! Preschools, daycares, schools, homeschool co-ops, sports teams, dance and cheer teams, scouting troops, marching bands, disaster relief, mission trips, summer camps, 4H, medical expenses, and more! Individuals looking to adopt, pay for a vacation, pay off debt, are also just a few of the people/organizations who can benefit from CFAC. The buyers also benefit. Not only are they helping an organization or an individual raise funds, they are getting a beautiful box of cards to have on hand for any occasion! PaperPie doesn’t skimp, especially when it comes to quality! Take a look at the different styles currently available.

  • All Occasion Box #1 comes in a charming organizer box with dividers and includes 30 individually wrapped cards and matching envelopes for birthdays, new home, get well, weddings, etc.
  • All Occasion Box #2 comes in a charming organizer box with dividers and includes 30 individually wrapped cards and matching envelopes for birthdays, new home, get well, weddings, etc.
  • Holiday Card Collection Includes 50 cards for various holidays, and comes with white envelopes, and like the others, come in a beautifully designed box.
  • Thanks & Blanks Box includes 30 individually wrapped cards (19 blanks and 11 thank yous) with matching envelopes.
  • Happy Birthday Card Box includes 30 individually wrapped birthday cards for kids of any age, and also comes in a box (currently one kids can color) with matching envelopes.

Please note that box designs are subject to availability and may change during your fundraiser, however we ALWAYS offer the same 5 box types. If a box design should change during your fundraiser, it will be replaced with the same box type, containing cards that are of the same quality.

How does the fundraiser work?

CFAC is so easy to run! After a short phone call or email to learn about your needs, I will send you the digital and/or printable materials you will need through email correspondence. You/your group can be up and running with this fundraiser in less than 24 hours! I typically run these for over a two week period. You distribute the sales flyers/order forms and collect payments, and I will order the boxes of cards. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for the cards to arrive. Upon arrival, your organization will then deliver the cards to those who made a purchase.

Show me the money!

Take a look at the earning potential with CFAC with a sample group size of 20 participants:

  • Every person sold 20 boxes: 400 boxes sold = $5,200 raised*
  • Every person sold 15 boxes: 300 boxes sold = $3,900 raised*
  • Every person sold 10 boxes: 200 boxes sold = $2,600 raised*
  • Every person sold 5 boxes: 100 boxes sold = $1,300 raised*

*Please note that if your organization is not tax exempt, the amount due for taxes will be deducted from the total amount raised.

CFAC Success

People smile with delight when they receive the boxes of cards! Although the cards are priced at only $1 each, they are certainly not anything like dollar store cards. In a world where everything is digital, receiving a card in the mail these days is special. CFAC makes it easy to send cards for any occasion!

In the past, I’ve worked with a new private school that used CFAC to purchase tables. I’ve organized CFAC for churches to send kids to summer camp, and I’ve even used CFAC to raise funds for my own co-op. We used the raised funds from CFAC to rent vans to travel with a dozen teens to Washington, D.C.!

I would love to work with you as an individual or a group to achieve your goals! Contact me at to get started.

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