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Gift Ideas for the Homeschool Mom

Perhaps a homeschool mom is on your gift list, or maybe you’re a homeschool mom yourself. Check out my list of personal favorite things that I own and absolutely love – maybe you will too!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want extra clutter brought into your home. Among the extra supplies homeschool moms have got to keep on hand to do our job, we are already pressed for space. Living on just one income also keeps me more mindful my purchases. A rule I have been better at asking myself before making a purchase is, “does it serve a good purpose, or do absolutely love it?” Below is a short list of things that the answer is a hundred times – yes!

The following items are affiliate links. These are things I own and love, and would not recommend otherwise. Purchasing through these links cost you nothing extra, but is a little way to support my blog!

The Delightful Dozen

  • My favorite purchase I’ve made this year is without a doubt, my HP Chromebook! I love everything about it – the size, the ease of use, portability, super long battery life, the touch screen, and more! This gets more use than my phone and laptop combined! I would recommend purchasing an external CD drive. Some of our curriculum is on disks, and there is no disk drive on these. I just plug it in and print off our material just as I would on my laptop.
  • Something I use daily is my Yeti Cup! I am a sipper. I make a cup just before 8, and happily sip my hot coffee until just before lunch. Perfect for homeschooling mamas who are juggling teaching kids with morning chores, and rarely have a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee in one sitting!
  • Speaking of coffee, I purchased the Keurig K-Mini this summer while in Chicago. After we got there, I realized how much money I would be saving if I had my Keurig with me. It is so slim, I was even able to tuck it away in a carry-on for the flight home! I now take it with me anytime I’m away from home.
  • Another great purchase I made this year was my Creative KJV Bible. It’s a great size, and I love the beautiful artwork I can fill in. It also has plenty of room for notetaking.
  • My favorite pens are the Frixion Clicker pens. I use them in my lesson plan book, and can neatly erase without correction tape. They leave no stray marks, and come in several colors for color coding plans.
  • Everyone needs a place to “brain dump”. For me, a simple notebook does the trick. If I don’t write it down, it gets forgotten. The notebooks that have tabs or sticky flags are great! School-related ideas go in one section, blog ideas in another, grocery items to buy in another, and so on.
  • I don’t read many magazines, but I’m crazy about the subscription to Our State magazine I received as a gift last year. I love reading about places to visit and events going on in our state. I’ve found many ideas to incorporate into our homeschool from it too!
  • As the evenings are getting colder, I’m loving this heated blanket I got for my husband that I have now taken over. I spend many cozy evenings with all the mentioned things close by!
  • Unless you’ve been under a rock for a few years, the Instant Pot has become a mainstay in most kitchens. A huge timesaver, this all-in-one pot does it all!
  • I purchased a homeschooling T-shirt from a convention a few years ago. It’s getting worn out, and time for another! I love to proudly wear it, in hopes to spark conversation when out in public.
  • Does anyone print photos anymore? I love my Canon Selphy Printer. It’s perfect when you need to print a handful of photos, and is a hit at get togethers! I love to use it to make our own yearbooks!

That’s my delightful dozen for the year! As mothers, we usually tend to meet everyone’s needs before our own. Most any mom I know appreciates little things, so never underestimate showing you care with some chocolates or a handwritten note with an invitation to dinner with a night out of the kitchen. If you’re a homeschool mom, I’d love to hear what some of your favorite things are!

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  1. What a great list! I will def have to get some Frixion Clicker pens & the simple notebook. I have been thinking about a heated blanket too! Maybe next year we’ll have to plan a homeschool momma gift exchange!

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