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God’s Mail Volume 3 Review

Several weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to review God’s Mail Volume 3 by Ron Hardin. This is the third book in the God’s Mail series. As a Bible believer not linked to any particular denomination, I usually prefer to spend more time reading the Bible, rather than books about the Bible. I was excited to try something different, and appreciated the idea of a book of poetry based on the scriptures.

Imagine my shock as someone who cherishes Bible truths when I saw this statement from Mr. Hardin’s pastor on the first page !

As you get quiet before God and read the poems contained in this book, something amazingly powerful will occur. God will speak to you right where you are on the subject you most need today. “

Pastor Glen Curry

The statement continues to the next page, “Don’t underestimate “the God factor” in the words because they rhyme. The words weren’t selected by a man seeking to complete a sentence with similar sounding wordage. The words were given by the Spirit of God in this unique form to help you and bless you. “

This is a very bold statement, and a claim that only the Bible can make. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God…..” 2 Timothy 3:16. Are we to take this book of poetry as scripture?

There’s more

The red flags were flying high as I read a few more of the endorsements placed at beginning of the book. Many of these endorsements are equating the words that Ron writes as Holy writ. For example, Cole says that the words from this man were vetted by God’s throne room. The Cruz couple state that they knew that these poems were Holy Spirit given and inspired because they spoke to their spirit. They also state that the book is filled with “prophetic” poems.

When I finally got to the page about the author, it says the Lord instructed Ron to write hundreds of poems, and that he was then instructed to put these writings into a book and call it God’s Mail. While the author may have been inspired to write, I would have to disagree that he received instructions from the Lord.

The Poems

The 221 page softcover book contains 96 poems. After reading a few of the poems, I could see that the author has a passion for the Lord in his writings. However, there are spelling and usage mistakes scattered throughout the poems. Again, I feel if the Lord instructed him to write these poems, they would certainly be free of errors.

I do like the layout of the verses on one side of the page with the corresponding poem on the other side. What I don’t like is the hodgepodge of Bible versions on each page. What is the point is in using all these versions? Is it to find the best sounding one? Not only is this jumble a distraction, it poses a problem. Imagine if math or any other subject was taught to one class using so many variations of math books? It sure would make learning difficult and lead to needless confusion!

The poems themselves were okay. A few put a smile on my face, and were relatable. My 13 year old son was entertained at some of the potty references in the poems such as “poo”, “crap”, and “something that comes out of a donkey’s behind.” His eyes widened as I read All But One, and anticipated what was coming next – rest assured, the rhyming word turns out to be just “spit”. Several of the other poems deal with heavier issues and are somewhat dark.

I would have liked to have seen a variety of poems, rather than every single one of them rhyming. At times, the rhyming even seems forced. The illustrations that appear as a watermark add a nice touch to the otherwise plain book.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see someone using scripture to express personal thoughts and experiences creatively, such as in God’s Mail Volume 3. I realize that this is a critical review, but with such high claims and endorsements, I feel like I must review it as such. Other reviewers may have had a different take on God’s Mail Volume 3, so be sure to check them out by clicking on the banner below.

God's Mail: Volume 3 {God's Mail Reviews}
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2 thoughts on “God’s Mail Volume 3 Review”

  1. I wondered about that when I was considering this review product. I am glad I chose not to get it. Thank you for your honest and informative review.

    1. Before I signed up, I was aware of the author’s background- but I wanted to check it out anyway. These kind of books are growing in popularity, and I feel that someone should blow the whistle when it comes to the Word of God. Thanks for reading my review.

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