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Holidays To Be Celebrated in February

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember the Something to Celebrate series I wrote in 2021. The reason I decided to do a series is because 2020-2021 took many of our celebrations, festivals, and fun things away, and celebrating something was an alternative way to create our own fun. The other reason is that the years (especially the teen years) fly by! I looked outside of the box to combine fun days that were already on the calendar with educational opportunities for our last few years of homeschooling, and the series was born!

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Homeschool Celebrations

Those posts were for everyone, the virtual schoolers, or anyone just stuck at home. This year, however, I decided to hone in on the holidays that would benefit your home schools. If you use a lunch crate or morning basket, these would be perfect! If you just like to add a few seasonal things to the month, these ideas would be fantastic to add. Are unit studies your thing? Days to Celebrate gives many topical ideas to create an entire year’s worth of them!

All of us could use a little help sometimes, so I created printables for each month to help you plan ahead. I know that if I don’t have it written down, then it doesn’t get done. To help even more, I’ll be creating a year long series of round-up posts to share the very best websites, books, crafts, recipes or other ideas to go along with the days on the printable. The round-ups will begin in February because I didn’t think ahead in January! Doh! While I won’t be rounding-up an idea for every day, or each birthday on the list, I will give you a few ideas to compliment several of the days to celebrate. The rest is up to you!

February Celebrations

2 – Groundhog Day

3 – Feed the Birds Day

  • A fun lab activity the kids and I enjoyed is the bird beak lab. Ours were part of our BJU Science curriculum, but there are several variations. Bird Beak Buffet looks like a cool freebie to try.
  • Perky Pet has many great ideas to celebrate all month!
  • How awesome is this Smart Bird Feeder? I want one!

7 – World Read Aloud Day

I can’t say enough about the benefits of reading aloud with your kids, even when they get big! This book left a big impression on me years ago, and still sits on my shelf. If you don’t do anything else on February 7, read a book to your kids!

7 – Periodic Table Day

Learning is always more fun in the form of a game. I have not played this myself, but I did notice the positive reviews on Amazon. Another fun activity is puzzles! We enjoyed this one from PaperPie, and it comes with a book!

While we’re on the topic, If the thought of teaching chemistry frightens you, don’t allow it! Take a look at Experience Chemistry, and let Journey Homeschool Academy do the work!

11 – Inventor’s Day

A fun and frugal idea is an invention bin. All you need is a simple bin with odds and ends such as paperclips, clothespins, twist ties, string, you know, junk drawer things. Let the kids see what ideas they can come up with!

For a full unit study that lasts several weeks, you might want to check out Gather ‘Round Homeschool Inventions and Ideas. It wasn’t yet available for most of our homeschooling years, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Of course PaperPie has some unique stuff, check out these three about inventions. There’s plenty to delight inquisitive little ones as well as older kids. One of them has been on our shelf of good books for many years!

14 – Valentine’s Day

There are tons of activities out there, but no need to weed through it all! Fields of Daisies has all the bases covered when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day!

17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day

I wrote a post for World Kindness Day in November, but all the ideas still apply for this day too. Grab your free printable, and spread niceness like a ninja!

19 – President’s Day

While you are in my Free Resource Library for the above, scroll to the bottom and grab the 60 Presidential Fun Facts printable!

For presidential books, activities, and other ideas, check out this post at Homegrown Learners. What a nice surprise to find my friend as the guest writer for this one!

26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

PaperPie for the win (again) when it comes to fairy tales! Yes, I am a rep. Seriously though, these books are beautiful. The ones you keep and pass on to grand kids kind of beautiful. Out of the many we offer, I do have a few favorites: Muddle & Match Fairy Tales, You Choose Fairy Tales, and Forgotten Fairy Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls. You know what, they are all my favorite. Here’s the search query for your convenience!

Why just tell a fairy tell today, when your teens can write their own? I’ve had my eye on this book for over a year….for myself! Wouldn’t it be awesome to learn how to write fairy tales from the greatest like Grimm?

February Birthday Ideas

Birthdays are special, and worth celebrating, even if it’s for someone who lived log ago. This month, we’ve got a couple of greats in the world of sports, so go outside and shoot some hoops like Michael Jordan, or swing a bat like your Babe Ruth! Chart the February weather that would make John Jeffries proud! Take advantage of the colder season and read a Dickens classic, or a tale or two from the Grimm Brothers. Go out and buy a new pair of Levi’s, or donate a pair of outgrown Levi’s.

That should be a good start on the holidays to be celebrated in February. Add a little sparkle, confetti, and perhaps even a cupcake to your homeschool this February!

Don’t forget to download all the months of the year in my shop.

I like to help other homeschool bloggers like me, so if you are a homeschool blogger and have an awesome post that compliments one of the days to celebrate, send it my way, and I may feature it in my series.

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