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How to Preserve Vacation Memories on the Cheap

Vacations create memories that last a lifetime. Follow this easy how-to post on how to preserve those memories!

Whether it’s a major vacation, a day trip to a neighboring town, or a field trip to a museum, those are the things we remember. I am a keeper of ticket stubs, pressed pennies, several t-shirts, and a couple of coffee mugs. I am also one of those 80’s kids who collected stickers. Puffy ones, scratch-n-sniff, holographic, and glitter stickers – I loved them all, and kept them in sticker albums. Remember those? I have no idea what ever happened to them, as the sticker-craze faded – along with the other fads of the decade.

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I’m happy to report that stickers have made a come back! Have you noticed all the cool stickers in gift shops, boutique stores, and coffee shops? I sure have, and I love it! Over the past couple of years, I’ve purchased stickers from gift shops and other little stores that I’ve visited as a cheap souvenir that brings back a little nostalgia. I never stick them on anything, just leave them in a drawer or pinned to a bulletin board. Then one day recently, I had an idea…..

Why Stickers?

My love for stickers was rekindled sometime while on vacation, although I don’t remember exactly which one. Not that I “vacation” a lot, but I do visit many local places and am fortunate to live in a touristy area of NC. I could spend hours in a gift shop! Unfortunately, they are usually located near the exit, when everyone is ready to go, except me. Always on the lookout for a memory, most gift shops have much of the same overpriced stuff that will later clutter our home. T-shirts get worn out, my cabinet is only so big for coffee mugs, pencils eventually run out of lead – you get it. But stickers! They don’t cost a lot, they take just a small space, and are a great little way to preserve a memory.

Memories on Display

It took a little while, but my collection of memories began to expand. Stickers, ticket stubs, and a couple of post cards were randomly pinned on a cork strip in the hallway. It didn’t look that great, but at least they weren’t all floating around in a drawer. I got tired of our hall looking more like a dorm room, so I had an idea to frame them. I found a set of 3 basic black picture frames that had a wide-shadow box look to them at Home Goods. Bonus, they were on clearance!

The only prep to the frames, after removing the mat and paper inserts, was to spray paint the backing black (they were tan/chipboard colored). Then, I laid out the stickers, stubs, pressed pennies, and postcards, then attached them with glue dots. That’s it! Of course, you could just stick the stickers (that’s sort of the point), but since I had a few non-sticker items, I just decided to use the glue dots for all of them. Plus, they can be re-positioned if needed without ruining the sticker, although they may lift a little of the paint. That’s okay, another sticker or penny can cover if needed.

My meticulous husband hangs the pictures around here, so when the frames get hung, the hallway will look more like an art gallery of memories!

A Note About Vacation Memories

One thing that I’m noticing about getting older is forgetting things, or at least details. Several places we often revisit, so little things like hotels or restaurants, are not always saved in my memory bank. I purchased this travel journal earlier this year to keep a record of the little things. It’s a great way to remember details, should we ever go back. Other things I also record are how long it took, if the continental breakfast is any good, and the total cost. I couldn’t help but laugh at a note I took on our last vacation and ordered pizza through DoorDash -“pizza good, wings gluey”. The journal is also great for putting those stickers in!

I encourage you to do what you can, whenever you can in terms of traveling. It’s usually my daughter and I who enjoy the little day trips. Lately, we’ve been finding a coffee shop before heading home. Sometimes those places have stickers or a coffee sleeve to save for the memory frame. Not every memory has to be in the form of a family vacation.

Summer is almost here! I hope you are planning some memories with your family or even a coffee date with a friend. If you’re road tripping, I think you will find several fun ideas here for your next adventure. There’s a good mix of new and old ideas while making the journey part of the destination. Be sure to save the stubs and stickers!

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