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Feeling Like a Summer Slacker?

My daughter and I spent the other day at the mall, and I picked up a little something for my desk or bookshelf that inspired me.  It was just a simple, inexpensive sign, but I loved the words on it as I thought about our summer.

To most, my summer maybe kind of ho-hum.  Sure, we have done fun things locally such as kayaking, a baseball game, the drag strip, and VBS to name a few, but we have not taken a big vacations or been to summer camp.  I haven’t tried anything on my Pinterest “Summer Fun Board”.  My workbooks, handwriting practice pages – you know, the things homeschooling moms keep around for “light summer learning”…. none have been opened.

It was sometime after the 4th of July that I realized we were halfway done with our summer break, and I felt a twinge of guilt for not working the first math problem or slipping in some kind of “sneaky learning” activity.  Then I saw that sign on the shelf at T.J. Maxx.

I thought about what we had been learning this summer……..  My daughter and I have learned that “less is more” when we tackled a few big dejunking projects to prepare for some remodeling.  She’s been a helper in the kitchen and in the flower beds.  She’s been close by watching and doing mundane tasks.  She’s been learning to be a “keeper of the home”.  And it didn’t even require the first algebra problem.  She’s seen me interact with people at the store, the bank, and on the phone.  She saw tears, hugs,  and the strength of family, after she attended her first funeral this summer.  She learned about sympathy.  That didn’t require a review page in a grammar book either.

Then there’s our son.  He’s been working along side his dad for several weeks this summer.  At 12 years old, he knows more about the mechanics of a truck than most.  He’s been learning how to troubleshoot and repair things, problem solve, how to interact with people, and of course – how to get dirty!  He’s also learning about the hard work it takes to provide for a family.  He’s developing character, a great work ethic, and biblical truths while working with his dad.  All while not needing to diagram a sentence.

While I do have some fun things I’m planning, because there’s still a few weeks to enjoy of summer, I’m no longer feeling guilty about what I’m not doing as far as “educating”.  Summer Slacker?  I think not.

What we learn becomes part of who we are

-and believe me, these two kiddos are learning some good stuff.

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  1. That’s awesome! I often find that children learn more from these lessons than they ever could from a book. Those lessons are important but in the same instance so are these! Keep up the awesome work!

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