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Documentary Review: IndoctriNation

Disclaimer:  I believe there are many outstanding Christian teachers and administrators in the public school system.  It is never my intent to offend or hurt any of them.  I do not blame them for the shape of the public school system.  My intent is to share something that is important to me, and should be to my readers as well.  As a new school year is on the horizon, I ask that you read this with an open heart and mind.  This is also my first time using an affiliate link.  That means I may receive a small commission on the purchase of the linked item in this post at no extra cost to you.  I do not promote anything I do not believe in, and have not been paid for writing this review.  A purchase will help with the expenses of running a blog, as well as with our homeschool.  I’ve paid my tax portion to the government for the public school my children will not be attending.


Mind-blowing numbers:  According to the US Department of Education, 50.7 million students attend public schools.  They project by 2021, 91% of school-age children will be enrolled in a public school.  Seventy five percent of Americans identify with a Christian religion.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Why are 91% of our children attending these indoctrination academies?

I purchased a life-changing DVD several years ago.  I usually view it at least twice a year.  If I could I would buy a copy for everyone I know.  Every Christian should have a copy.  Every church in America should have a copy or two in their libraries.  Interested to know what it is?

IndoctriNation Movie is 102 minutes that will make you think differently about those yellow school buses that will be in your neighborhood very soon.  Filmmaker Colin Gunn loads his family on an old school bus and travels across America looking for answers as to if the public school system can be fixed, or just be abandoned.  He spoke to several teachers, administrators, parents, students, politicians, and preachers and found some shocking truth about what is in our schools.  Even in the “good schools”.

Sexual sin -Check.  Abortion -Check.  Drugs and alcohol -Check. Violence -Check. Pressure to give up Christian values -Check. 

I believe most would agree that the schools are not what they should be.  I also believe most people think these problems are elsewhere.  Not in our district.  Not in our small town.  Those are “big city” problems.  This film hit close to home. Geographically.   As Mr. Gunn traveled across America,  he stopped in our state of NC.  He interviewed teachers in the Raleigh and Fayeteville areas.  The stories are the same across America.

I graduated nearly 25 years ago from a small town school.  The bullying, peer pressure, sex, drugs, alcohol, evolution, and scandals were as ever present then as it is now.  The only two things that were different was there was no celebration of homosexuals in our curriculum, and I never feared for my life.  Recently, I have been seeing ads for bullet proof backpack inserts as a “back to school” item.  Wouldn’t that in itself be enough to strongly consider not sending your children to such places?  Perhaps the interview with a father of a Columbine student would.  It is tough to watch this interview on the film.

Part of the film is a drive-thru of the history of public schooling.  The people who have made a huge impact include  Robert Owen, Horace Mann, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, John Dewey, and a few more.  You may recognize some of those names, and some maybe not.  The common thread is they were the founders and influencers of public education.  After seeing the history of how it all started, I realized there was never a foundation built on God in public schools.  So when you see “let’s put God back in schools” cluttering your news feed on Facebook – keep scrolling it’s false.  The documentary goes on to interview teachers who have been censored, a valedictorian’s mic silenced at the mention of God, a teacher having a discussion about homosexuals with kids who look no older than eight with a widely used elementary curriculum.  There are many more things that will make you angry, shocked, and give you a pit in your stomach.  One interviewed said that education undercuts parents, undercuts the church, and undercuts the absolutes of the Bible – which brings up the salt and light argument that Christian parents like to use against homeschooling.  It is not a valid argument.  It is a misuse of scripture.  Jesus was speaking to his disciples.  His disciples who were trained adult men.

Public schools are no place to send unprepared children in hopes to win any kind of spiritual battle just because they might have “asked Jesus into their heart”.  I don’t know that there are many adults that are equipped to battle the pagan philosophies in the public school.  The familiar story of Daniel in the Bible comes to mind.  He was taken captive and educated in Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon.  Yet we are willingly sending them to their own Babylon every August.  Even if our kids did have the influence we like to think they do, why have we not seen an increase in believers and improvement in the schools?  At my last check, it was over 80% of Christian kids leave the church as soon as their parents could no longer make them go.  You can be  missionaries right where you are with your kids.  There are opportunities to share the Gospel all around us.

The IndoctriNation film was produced in 2011.  This was before the whole bathroom decree was made and before common core was pushed on them.  The world is winning, not the other way around.  At this point, the only way to take a stand is to step out, or rather run out. What are public schools really worth to us?  I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from John Gatto, a New York City Teacher of the year for 3 years in a row, and New York State Teacher of the Year in 1991.


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