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Top 10 Usborne Gift Guide

I am not an early shopper.  I am also not a fan of the craziness of Black Friday shopping, heaps of plastic toys, and the frenzy of the season in general.   I may be a little “grinchy”, but there are some things I do like about the upcoming season, such as cooler weather, hot coffee, tacky Christmas lights, and thoughtful gifts.  Yes, thoughtful gifts.  When you are simply exchanging gift cards, perhaps it’s time to stop.   I haven’t always been this way, but I became disgruntled when my own kids were small.  I remember it vividly:  two feet deep in wrapping paper trash covering the floor, and they were still looking for the next thing to rip open.  I was literally sick to my stomach.  Every year since, I have sized the gift-giving down.  I can’t say  the same for the grandparents, but it brings them joy – so, whatever.  

I was reluctant to even write this, but since most people DO buy gifts, AND I happen to be a book lady, AND I wanted to get a word in before the Black Friday madness, AND I really do like helping people get quality, engaging, meaningful gifts…………I decided to pick out 10 really good, thoughtful gifts while I was at set up at my booth at a church bazaar recently.  So, here it is:

(and be sure to read to the end for a special announcement!)

By the way, these are affiliate links.  That means I get commission on any items purchased through these links.  It doesn’t cost extra for you.   The commission I receive gets put right back in my community, where I enjoy supporting local businesses as much as I can, and helps out with our homeschooling efforts.    

I’ve been an Usborne consultant for a long time, and these are my recommendations this year!

  1. Lifesize  Have you ever wanted to compare the size your mouth to one of a tiger?  How about your ears compared to a kangaroo’s?  This new Kane Miller book is so much fun!  Perfect for preschoolers and elementary (and yes, I enjoyed it too)!  Full of fun and facts about animals and how your size compares to theirs!
  2. That’s Not My Reindeer  Many who fall in love with Usborne Books, first fall in love with these!  They are the best board books, with texture, simple bright pictures, and repetition.  There are so many in this series to choose from, and most people I know have several!  Little ones love them!  You can see more of them here.
  3. Dinosaurs – Book and Jigsaw Puzzle  Who loves puzzles?  Me, me, me!!!  I was so happy to see Usborne recently add several puzzles this year.  One of my favorite childhood memories were putting puzzles together with my dad.  He would always hide a piece when we were near the end.  This old-fashioned pastime is still fun!  These puzzles have bright, vivid colors, thick pieces, and comes with a smaller sized version of the Picture Puzzle book full of things to find, as well as a coloring page of the puzzle.  There are also many other similar puzzles to choose from here.  Available in 30, 100, and 300 pieces.
  4. Secrets of Winter  What makes these books great?  You use a FLASHLIGHT to enjoy them, and what kid doesn’t love flashlights?  These are some of our most unique books!  There is a whole series available here.  Who is out and about during wintertime?  Shine a flashlight behind the page to reveal hidden wonders!  Pair this book with a new pair of pj’s and you have a gift that definitely keeps giving!
  5.  100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly  This is my go-to gift for kids of any age!  Clear instructions, terrific designs, and simple fun!  Dads, Grandpas, and moms alike can get in on the fun with these.  Have a flying contest among family members for a fun activity at your family get together!  We also carry in this series: birds, spaceships, dragons, bugs, and pterosaurs to fly!  At just $7.99, you could get several different copies for the hard to buy for cousins, nieces, and nephews.  They will be a hit!
  6. Complete Book of Art Ideas  Our family has used this one for awhile.  It is full of so many art ideas using different materials and techniques.  This book will last for years, as there are so      many projects ranging from beginner to advanced.  In true Usborne fashion, step by step instructions are included for every project.   Pair this with some quality art supplies, and you’ve got a fantastic gift for someone special!

  7. 365 Science Activities  A large spiral-bound book sure to keep your budding scientist busy for days – 365 to be exact!  Like other Usborne books, each experiment has step by step instructions, and clear explanations of why things work the way they do.  Thumb through the book ahead of time and pick up a few supplies in the experiments for an instant gift with big fun!  It’s engaging for a wide range of ages.

  8. Museum Activity Book  How about giving this great book with tickets to their favorite museums?   This activity book is packed full of puzzles, quizzes, did-you-knows, coloring, and stickers – all based on things you would see at different types of museums.

  9. White Fang  The new Illustrated Originals are beautiful!  Complete and unabridged, this timeless classic is going to make a great gift for my daughter (shhhhh…..don’t tell)!    Anne of Green Gables, The Odyessy, Little Women, are also available in this new format.

  10. A Book Box Subscription  These were just released!  Subscription boxes are so popular, and I was thrilled to see Usborne offer this service.   The special child will receive three shipments of books in a special package that will include 4 age-appropriate new titles and a bonus gift.  Shipments will deliver in January, February and March, 2019.  Kids love getting mail, and you can feel good about sending the gift of literacy to get throughout the cold, winter months.


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I will also have a little something special for you, but you will have to check out my Facebook group for details… policy.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my post.  I love fun, simple gifts!  And even better, they are easy to wrap, no batteries required, and never go out of style!  Please consider skipping the big stores and heaps of plastic that will be forgotten in less than two weeks, and give the gift of literacy that will last a lifetime!

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