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What We’re Reading in January

It’s the start of a new year, and I am so excited about this month’s reading choices! There are so many things I love about the new year, and new books are near the top! During the holidays, our reading fell off a bit, but that is to be expected. I am looking forward to the quietness and fresh start of a new year. This post contains affiliate links.

What I’m Reading

I have set a BIG goal to read the Bible through this year. I’m not following any kind of plan – just reading. I’ve been a Bible believer most of my life, but have never read it through. I heard a preacher once say that the Bible is the one book that people will read so many books about, but not the book itself………, this year I’m going to do it. I use the KJV, and although some of it is not “easy reading”, I enjoy the language. I have not always felt this way, but I have learned there’s much more than a “thee/thou” preference. I’ve been asking my husband to write a guest post for me about this topic – maybe he will be able to soon.

Another book that will last all year is The Organized Homeschool Mom by Dr. Melanie Wilson. As I was looking at my bookshelf for what to start the year with, this was an obvious choice. The challenges and missions to complete are in small, doable chunks, geared to the specific needs of homeschoolers. The more I thumbed through it, I thought it would be fun to do this with other moms in a Facebook group, so I created one! It’s definitely not too late to join, as we are only into the second week of January. Other moms are great resources for ideas and accountability. You can check out my previous blog post for more information about the book, and how to join the group!

I am a new blogger, and my goal is to share my passion for homeschooling and provide purposeful content to others. I felt like I needed to educate myself on blogging, as most of it is a bit foreign to me. I ordered a copy of How to Blog for Profit by Ruth Soukup. It came in the mail today. I read the contents, and knew this was just what I needed to help me become a better blogger this year. I have already marked up the first chapter! Hopefully, you will notice improvements as I continue to pursue my new endeavor.

The Organized Homeschool Life

Our Read-Aloud

Read All About It! By Jim Trelease – knowing about the love he has of reading, and his advocacy for reading aloud, I was delighted to find this. It’s filled with excerpts of stories from newspapers, magazines, and books made to turn young people on to the many pleasures of reading.  It is a great resource to have on hand. I will choose a few stories to read aloud on the months we haven’t settled on a longer book to last through the month.
The book not only contains stories of different genres, but every story begins with a short introduction of its author or its background. I’m hoping my kids will be introduced to new types of writing and things they will like to read the full story of.

My 9th Grader:   

I did not assign her a separate book to read independently this month. Our schedule will be somewhat different as she will be taking driver’s ed – I can’t believe we are at this point already! She will continue reading short stories from BJU Fundamentals of Literature

My 7th Grader:   

My son discovered “Coyote” Peterson, through YouTube recently, and asked for one of his books for Christmas. Of course, I’m always excited when books are on the Christmas list, so I got him two!

That will round out our selections for this month. Here’s to a full year of reading great books in 2019! Have you started any great books this year? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. We just finished Gabriel and the book of Hours!! It was with Mikhalas lit!! But it was sooo good. It’s about an Illuminator 🙂 you may like it !! I have a stack to finish I have goals

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