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Fanatic News Flash – April

Happy Spring! We are in what I call the “short rows” of our school year. While we we continue our normal studies until Memorial Day, this time of year I like to do more games, unit studies, and field trips. Speaking of field trips – we just visited the Outer Banks of NC last weekend. Not that we needed an excuse for a get-away, my main purpose was to visit the Wright Brothers Memorial and museum for a book review I am writing next week. It’s awesome to see places where history was made and walk where such pioneers in history walked -and flew! We also visited two lighthouses in my endeavor to visit all the NC Lighthouses this year. I am looking forward to sharing a detailed post with you soon, in case you are ever planning a trip to the OBX.

Another upcoming trip I am super excited about this month is visiting Washington D.C. with the teens in our co-op group. I have never been, so this will be an experience that I am really looking forward to!

April is a fun month for many other activities. It’s National Poetry Month, Resurrection Day, Earth Day, and Shakespeare’s birthday. We have done Poetry parties in the past with friends, at the library, and at home. It’s a great time to get creative, get silly, or get serious. I have a few ideas floating around, but unsure what we are going to do this year.

We’re no longer big celebrators of Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and such. I do enjoy our egg-themed experiments that I try to do sometime during the month. It’s a fun break from our normal science routine, and I can take advantage of cheap eggs, peeps, and clearance jellybeans after the holiday. We will probably revisit some of those ideas, as well as trying a STEM activity or two from Tied 2 Teaching that I reviewed last month. I also found a Bible verse scavenger hunt on Pinterest that we will be doing. Maybe I can get it all organized and make a post – but don’t hold your breath! This month has gotten busy! Instagram may have to do this time.

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March Reading

I’m just going to say it…..I’ve got too many books going on at the same time, and am making little progress in any of them! I am going to promise myself not to start any new books until summer! Here’s my current list:

Crew Review News

I am enjoying so many of the things I am reviewing for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew! I have already reviewed Fix It! Grammar by IEW this month. This was one I had already chosen for both children this year, so it was nice that I could see what the next level looked like. Of course, our review on Orville Wright by YWAM Publishing is up this week. The book is well written, and it made a big difference with the kids to bring the story to life by our visit to Kitty Hawk. Next, I will be reviewing an eBook about making transcripts. So far, it doesn’t seem as daunting as I thought it would be! Last, will be our review of Stopmotion. If you are not familiar with what that is, it is an animation kit that has been really cool!

Usborne Books & More Favorite of the Month

There are always so many favorites to choose from, but for this month, I’ll highlight a few titles from Shakespeare!

Complete Shakespeare
I think our first reviewer sums this one up very well…..

This book is fantastic!! It is a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare for children and a delightful way for adults to re-familiarize themselves with stories you rushed through with only a CliffsNotes amount of time for in one’s academic days gone by. It has beautiful illustrations and the stories are easy to read. It truly wets your appetite to read the real thing. This book is constantly being fought over at our house. I should have bought 2!”

A 5-Star Reviewer

In usual Usborne fashion, the illustrations are beautiful! I also like that this one has internet links to websites where you can find video clips, quizzes, and see inside the Globe theater and much more about William Shakespeare.

Another favorite that we own is Quotes from Shakespeare. It’s a coloring/poster book with quotes and notes about his plays. It is not as time-consuming as some other coloring books, as it has a more simple format. The pages are also thick and perforated, so you can use them as artwork in your home! You can find even more Shakespeare books here. A popular one among my customers is Where’s Will? It has a Where’s Waldo theme, but the aim is to spot William Shakespeare and a selection of his colorful characters from 10 of his best-loved plays! As always, you can find more Usborne fun and sales announcements on my Facebook page!

How is your month shaping up? Do you have any spring travel plans, or a favorite poem or book you’re reading? I love to hear from other homeschoolers! Tell me about your fun spring activities!

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