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Transcripts Made Easy Review

Ready or not, my first born is nearing the end of ninth grade! I have always loved homeschooling and all that goes with it – except the paperwork. I’ll admit that I’m not the most organized in that department. I knew when an opportunity came by to review Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler’s Guide to High-School Paperwork from Everyday Education that I needed to sign up!

What is Transcripts Made Easy?

Since I am sure you would rather spend time on people, rather than paperwork, I created Transcripts Made Easy to make planning, record-keeping, and transcript-making easy.”

Janice Campbell

Janice caught my attention with that! I knew Transcripts Made Easy was going to be something I would refer to for the next few years. The e-book I received is organized into six parts:

  • Meet the Transcript
  • Plan with the End in Mind
  • Keep Simple Records
  • Grades, Credit, and the GPA
  • Create the Transcript
  • References, Resources, and Reproductibles

Whether you are in the beginning of your homeschooling journey, or nearing the end, you can jump into this guide and use only what you need. She even tells you what you need to do if you need a transcript by tomorrow! Even if your student does not plan to go to college, they still need a transcript. Plans do change, and it’s better to be prepared. The transcript can be a passport to new opportunities. If you follow this guide, creating a transcript is not a daunting task as many think. Topics include: what to study in high school, college alternatives, how to grade written work, granting credits, and so much more is packed into this 138 page book.

How I used Transcripts Made Easy

There are several things I like about Transcripts Made Easy. First, the writing style of the author was like having a cup of coffee with a seasoned homeschool mom. The book contained plenty of information, but not so technical and dry as some things I have skimmed over on this topic before. I found the Skills and Habits to Cultivate in High School section very helpful. We need to work on some writing basics, online research, and time management skills now. I also found the variety of scheduling options presented may change the way we order our subjects and days next year. Often, I feel I am trying to pack too many subjects in one day, and the material is not learned as it should be.

The College Alternatives section is portrayed as a positive option. The field is wide open for skilled trades, and I was happy to see it promoted in this book. When I was in public school, not going to a university was somewhat frowned upon. Trades were not popular. Twenty years later, I am seeing the effects. My husband is self-employed, and it is near impossible to find anyone interested in hard work, or has any mechanical skills. The micro business, apprenticeship, and military sections have many resources to find out more information about. I think it’s pretty amazing that my husband started a business in an abandoned building, in the middle of a corn field, in the middle of nowhere, has done zero advertising, and is busy all the time. He has supported our family for years with no more than a high school diploma and a strong work ethic.

The third part of Transcripts Made Easy. is helpful for learning how to keep records, log extracurricular activities, and how use subject worksheets to help build their transcript. The next section on how to grade was one I put a star next to. Not everything we do gets a “grade” and this section cleared some questions I had about that. Several pages are devoted to how to grade written work, which has been challenging for me. Even if you do not grade, or are an “unschooler”, there’s a section for that as well.

An inside look at the forms

Last, are detailed instructions on how to create the transcript. No special software is needed. Microsoft Word, or even Google Docs will be all you need to create a professional-looking transcript. The included reproducibles will be a huge help for me to keep things organized for years to come. See, transcripts are not a scary monster! With a little organization, even I feel confident going into the high school years.

First and chiefest is the knowledge of God, to be got at most directly through the Bible; then comes the knowledge of man, to be got through history, literature, art, civics, ethics, …..”

Wise thoughts from Charlotte Mason

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