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Study.com Review

The mission of Study.com is making education accessible, anytime, anywhere. I received a trial subscription to Study.com to check out their CLEP and DSST prep materials. We are just in the beginning stages of our high school journey, so I was unfamiliar with CLEP and DSST. If this is new territory to you too, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a group of standardized tests that evaluates college-level knowledge. Administered by the College Board, the goal is to help students earn college credit without taking college courses.

DSST are credit-by-examination tests originated by the United States Department of Defense’s Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support program. (Formally known as DANTES). In 2004, these tests were made available to the general public and now serve as another way for self-motivated, goal-oriented college students to pick up speed as they race toward the finish line.

What is Study.com?

In my informative review for this product, I spent some time researching exactly what Study.com is. I found that earning better grades, earning college credits, reducing the cost of college, and offering a better way to learn was what this company was about. Their beginnings are intriguing. Here is an excerpt from their about page on how they got started:

In 2002, Cal Poly students Ben and Adrian were frustrated with the rising cost of college and the lack of tools for empowering students. They decided to team up and start Study.com with the mission of making education accessible. After over a decade of work, Study.com is now a profitable, self-funded company that reaches over 15 million students a month. Our video-based online courses are the fastest and most affordable way to earn college credit and consist of over 10,000 fun and engaging lessons. We’ve also created comprehensive guidance counseling resources to help students save money and make informed decisions with their education and careers.

I took a look at the CLEP Biology course. I really liked the simple, clean, layout of the program. You can easily navigate the site to find what you are looking for and get started. The course is self-paced. You can also take a placement test to help you know where to begin in the course if you prefer.

The biology study guide organizes all 215 lessons into 24 chapters. The videos are less than ten minutes each, and transcripts are available that you can print for offline study guides. I recommend watching the videos. They are well done, interesting, and get straight to the point. Each lesson also includes a short quiz on the viewed material. You can check your knowledge of this course anytime with a practice test. Once you take the test, you will receive a detailed exam report complete with your personal statistics and even specific lessons to focus on. I find this super helpful!

The dashboard of Lesson 1 Biology Course
The study schedule is helpful in planning

What I thought of Study.com

Overall, I am impressed by the variety of available content. The large amount of courses on Study.com can be used for test prep as well as for anyone who would like to gain a new skill or improve their knowledge.  Study.com also provides a valuable resource to homeschool families with middle and high schoolers. I took a quick look at some of the courses offered for younger kids. With so many course choices, you could easily use this for middle or high school classes in your homeschool.

The idea of earning college credit outside the traditional school setting is also appealing. I would recommend Study.com to students who are close to finishing high school as a great tool for test prep, or possibly a money saving option to college classes. I plan to take another look as we get closer the end of high school and evaluate post high school plans.

So many courses!

Study.com is offering a 20% discount on the first 3 months of their subscription. Use the code TheOldSchoolhouse.

For this review, I only provided information for you. Take a look at the reviewers who put Study.com to use. It’s interesting to see what they chose to study and prep for!

CLEP & DSST Exam Prep {Study.com Reviews}

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