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Fanatic News Flash – July

My favorite thing about summer is cold watermelon, carefree days, and thinking about our next school year that is quickly approaching. This week, I have been in full-on curriculum choosing mode. As long as I’ve been homeschooling, you would think I would know exactly what I want, but there are always new things coming out that looks interesting! I’ll be writing a post soon about some tips I’ve learned over the years concerning choosing curriculum.

Last month, I wrote about our summer plans, or lack thereof. We are still enjoying some carefree days, and I am still not feeling a bit guilty of scheduling entertainment or enrichment activities for every day of the week. One of my very first posts, “Feeling Like A Summer Slacker” still stands true this summer. It’s amazing how much they learn through down time, and that it’s good for them at any age.

A Different Kind of Summer

When your kids are both teenagers, your summers begin to look different than they ever have before. This year both my kids are working! While I love the opportunity for them to work (and they certainly like the extra money in their pockets), I sure do miss the days of kiddie pools, slip-n-slides, and making blanket forts in the afternoon to read under. I remember watching the clock and looking forward to when they will take a nap so I could catch a break. Now I watch the clock waiting for them to come home, because I enjoy their company.

It makes me happy that even though the kids are working, they are keeping it in the family! Our son is working with his dad all day. Not only is he obtaining valuable skills, they are forming a tight bond this summer. That is so important as this is his first summer being a teenager. Our daughter is working part-time with my sister. I’m sure their time together will create a relationship that they’ve never had the chance to develop before.

Summer Fun

Working hard means looking forward to when you are not working! In addition to a couple of day trips I am planning, our big one will be our trip to Chicago! I can’t wait to make new memories and explore the city! Part sight-seeing, part Bible Conference, I am looking forward to taking a vacation with an eternal purpose.

I have a couple of game recommendations below. They are affiliate links from Amazon. It cost nothing extra to you – You get a ton of fun, and I make a few cents for recommending them.

Downtime at home has been enjoyed with grilling, 4-wheeling, and a couple of new yard games! Yardzee and a big Connect Four has been a hit this year. My daughter has also enjoyed a new hobby of woodburning. She even made some lovely coasters for my birthday! I also have a “stay-cation” in the works before we get back at it for school this year that I’m excited about.

How is your summer? I hope you are hanging on to those teenage years! Make them count, because there may not be many more left!

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