Tips for Homeschooling Mamas

Fanatic News Flash – August

Can someone tell me where June and July went? I can’t believe how fast this summer has flown by! August is here and moms everywhere are counting down the days until school starts. I am too, of course, but probably for different reasons. Some may be celebrating, (and I’ll do my best not to covet your “me time”), but there are also moms who are wiping away their tears because they have been led to believe this is just what you do when a child is 5 years old. Can I say you don’t have to?

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. State laws vary, but if you’d like to know specific laws in your state, click here. I also encourage those of you who are feeling some anxiety to check out this post I wrote earlier this year when our first child was to begin kindergarten. Did you know that you do not have to even make a decision about whether or not your child will attend school until your child is 7 in my state of NC? If you’re feeling apprehensive, it is totally ok to wait another year. Play, read lots of books, go on walks – your child will not be “behind” if he or she misses kindergarten.

Purging, Planning, Printing, Preparing

This is what’s currently going on here! In the early summer, I purged (only about half of what I really needed to). Then came the planning of choosing curriculum. I’m excited about our choices and will share them with you very soon. If you are still stuck on choosing, take a look at a previous post, 10 Tips for Choosing Homeschool Curriculum, and grab a couple of free printables there also. Now, I am printing ebooks and preparing schedules and materials to start our new school year in just a couple of weeks. I’m thinking of a new hybrid block schedule that I’m really excited to try out. All while undergoing a kitchen remodel starting this week. Yes, I’ve lost my mind! That is why NOTHING in my planner is in ink yet. We will begin with a gentle start, and hope to enjoy some of the things we did not get around to this summer – and the crowds will be absent.

Just a few more weeks, friends!

Speaking of crowds, we took an epic vacation to Chicago, (stay tuned for a post) and I had hoped to do a mini “staycation” before we start back at it. An updated kitchen will have to take front seat, so I’m looking forward to planning something fun in the fall. Cooler temps and less crowds sound good to me. Isn’t that a great thing about homeschooling? We don’t have to pack everything in the summer months.

Tell me about how you are winding down summer, or how you are planning the new school year. Do you have any back to school traditions? I love hearing from other homeschoolers and trading ideas!

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