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Fanatic News Flash – September

We are starting the school year off with a bang this week! New classes, new school supplies, new routines, and a hurricane!

Last year, our homeschool was in session a mere 10 days before Hurricane Florence visited our town. This year, the first activity of our first day of school was heading out to get supplies for another hurricane headed our way! At the time of this writing, I am awaiting Hurricane Dorian’s arrival on the NC coast. The only thing predictable about this one is its unpredictability. Hurricane Dorian hammered the Bahamas, side-swiped Florida, and is inching its way here. From a category 5, then 4, down to 2 and currently back up to a category 3, who knows what Dorian will do to eastern NC. I can only hope it will not be as devastating as last year’s Florence. Last year, I wrote a post titled Hurricane Homeschooling, that may be of interest and encouragement to you.

Starting out

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We started school with a lighter load this week. The first week is always a dry run. We will figure out how long things will take, when the best times are to bounce between teaching and independent subjects, figuring out what will work best, and make tweaks to our schedule. I took advantage of the upcoming storm and we made some cool artwork on our first day, with some new markers I have been eager to try out. We will add the rest of our subjects next week (in hopes we whether the weather and have electricity).

I am excited about getting on a schedule, and am trying a new hybrid block schedule with our language arts, history, and science classes. Another thing that I am excited about is reinventing our “morning basket” to something that will better suit us… or will better suit me anyway. I plan to tell you all about it in a week or two after we’ve had a run through.

Looking ahead

A new school year is like a fresh slate. We had some math struggles last year, and got off schedule more than I would have liked. I made a major switch to CTC Math for one of them, and so far, so good. There are many other new things, and I will post reviews mid-year. I’ve talked about it before, but it’s so important to make things count in the lives of your teens. Take advantage of the conversations you can have while studying history and science. Take as many field trips as you can. Enjoy the fresh slate of a new school year. Put your time and energy where it will count – and that’s not always found in textbooks. There are many ways to add fun to your homeschool! My friend at Schooling Swag wrote a series of posts recently with a ton of great ideas!

I’m looking forward to a new year with these two! Follow along for new ideas, TOS Crew Reviews, homeschool life, and encouragement!

For now, we will ride out the storm.

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  1. Thise conversations are such an important part of our time. Looking forward to some fun field trips this year, thanks for the shout out.

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