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Creating A Masterpiece Review

Often, I get to review products that my kids can enjoy. Rarely, I get to review a product that turns out to be something where I’m the one who enjoys it most! The Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece is one of those rare products. This Drawing Program makes me feel like a real artist everytime I complete a project!

What is Creating A Masterpiece?

Creating a Masterpiece is an online, subscription based art curriculum by master artist and teacher Sharon Hofer. Completion of these self-paced lessons will have you instantly creating projects to be proud of. The curriculum is for all ages. Our family was given a one year subscription of the Drawing Program to review that includes 29 different drawing projects. Each lesson contains a list of materials and a video. The videos are recorded in steps, so it’s easy to take a break and come back to it if you need to. Students learn drawing concepts such as shading, perspective, and how to incorporate value. Sharon teaches the proper use of pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, and other tools. You will be able to create your own masterpiece in no time!

How we used Creating a Masterpiece

With list in hand, I purchased just a few needed supplies at our local craft store. I do like that Sharon included a list with a direct link to Blick, an online art supply company. Everything you need is already in the cart. Talk about convenience! She recommends using quality art materials to have quality masterpieces, and I agree. There are four different drawing levels. I started with one of the beginner lessons, Hoot Owl. The lessons are divided into several videos. The projects vary in length, from thirty minutes or less to over an hour to complete.

In just a few minutes, I went from “this looks hard” to “hey, look at what I did!” I then asked my kids to give it a try. I think they too were surprised at their success. Even my 13 year old, who absolutely does not enjoy art, was proud of his project, named Simplicity. We created several other projects, and I was really amazed at how professional the end results were. For me, the key was Sharon’s explaining on how to see shapes. Most art books I have begin with drawing circles and rectangles without much further instruction. This is where having a real art teacher makes a difference. Sharon was able to thoroughly explain what to do with those circles and rectangles, and turn them into beautiful pieces of art.

What we thought of Creating A Masterpiece

I thought the Drawing Program of Creating a Masterpiece was fantastic! You can certainly tell Sharon is very knowledgeable and has a passion for what she does. My son best described her as “chipper”, and that she is! What I like most is that it is a curriculum that works. I feel this would be a great fit for families who are beyond the arts and crafts stage. It is a quality program that will produce quality results when you follow Sharon’s lead.

No refrigerator art here – these belong in a frame!

Although neither of my kids are not into art as much as I am, I look for ways to encourage creativity often. Creativity is important in so many areas in life. It’s nice to experiment with different mediums, and Creating a Masterpiece offers several other courses such as ink, watercolor, pastels, woodburning, and much more. I am thankful for the opportunity to review a curriculum that has given me confidence in my drawing skills. Several other families reviewed the Drawing Program, so be sure to check out their masterpieces!

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