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Fanatic News Flash – November

November happens to be one of my favorite months! The weather is finally starting to feel like fall, we have got a good routine going in our homeschool, and we have a family tradition of taking a mini vacation over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, November is a month that gets overshadowed by the frenzy of Christmas. It’s the one month that I feel like being a procrastinator isn’t a bad thing.

Christmas, wait your turn!

It seems to come earlier year after year. The decorations, the shopping, the countdowns, and the overall hype has turned me into somewhat of a grinch. It’s too much too soon, and it has completely taken over the month that has traditionally been a time to reflect on things to be thankful for. Veteran’s Day, World Kindness Day, and others get pushed to the background. Check out the National Day Calendar for a great list of days to celebrate everything from sandwiches to saxophones! We’ve never really been much on typical Thanksgiving traditions in the past, but I’m thinking we need to be. In a world of entitlement, greed, and for the fear of losing part of our American heritage, I’m taking November back!

This month, I’m participating in a photo journal idea I found on Pinterest. Follow me on Instagram, and join in on the fun! For the next 30 days, photograph 30 things you’re thankful for with the provided prompt. I’d love to see what my friends come up with! I’m also using some ideas from my friend who is running a November Gratitude Challenge for some activities to keep myself and my kids focused on gratitude during the month.

Teacher Workday?

We’ve just completed our first quarter of the school year. Every year about this time, I wish I would have scheduled a workday for myself on our calendar. I seem to think I will discipline myself to enter grades and plan lessons a couple of afternoons per week. Of course, that never happens! I certainly don’t have thirty students to keep up with, but after household tasks and weekly outings, my administrative duties are always put on the back burner. That leaves me with feelings of overwhelm come the end of the quarter. Plus, I’m wanting to add in some FALL fun! What’s a mom/teacher/planner/ to do? I’m thinking a teacher workday will be incorporated into our week. Do you schedule teacher workdays in your calendar?

Other happenings this month

I will be posting my last Review Crew review for this year in a couple of weeks. I purposefully chose something out of my comfort zone to stretch my mind as well as my writing capabilities. It will be interesting to see where this goes! I intend to be reapplying for a spot on the Crew next year. Our family has found several useful things for our homeschool that we otherwise might not have even known about if it wasn’t for the Review Crew.

If you’ve been following my new Noticing Nature series, I hope you and your teens have taken notice of the world around you! Be sure to grab the free printables, as they will only be around for a short time. I’m thinking a fall scavenger hunt will be in order for this month! Also, remember November 17 is National Take a Hike Day. With over 60,000 miles of trails across the 50 states, there is no lack of opportunity to take a hike!

What do you have planned in November? Or have you just jumped on to December? I always love to hear from other homeschool families, and swap ideas!

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