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Fanatic News Flash-February 2020

It’s a big month for our family! Our first born will be turning 16 towards month’s end. As a mama, I’m both thrilled and terrified. I suppose that’s normal for those who have ‘been down that road’ before. She’s definitely ready, I’m definitely not. Watching your kids grow up is much more difficult than I thought! For her special day, we’re doing something big! (Not a new car type of big, but something that will totally surprise her). She has never asked for parties and such, and has always been content with a small family celebration. This year, we will celebrate this milestone differently. You will have to stay tuned to see what it is!

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The February Funk

It happens to the best of us homeschooling moms. The longest-shortest month! Perhaps it’s because the excitement of the holidays have worn off or winter is dragging on. For those who get snow, it’s probably not as pretty and nice as it was in December. Whatever the reason, it’s a common thing for many homeschoolers. Before you start dreaming of the big, yellow school bus (because that is NOT an option, and you know it), change up your February with some of these ideas!

  • Put something you are currently using aside, and try something different. What are they interested in? Cooking, coding, photography? A small break in an academic subject can be a welcomed change for all. Schoolhouse has fantastic electives for a change of pace. They are also currently offering a half-off sale for a quarterly membership!
  • Play games. We’ve had a day where we just take a break and play board games. Most of us have closets full, and often do not get enough use. To make it even better, do it on a day in the middle of the week!
  • Have a D.E.A.R. day! That stands for Drop Everything and Read! I believe the official day is in April, but any time reading takes precedence is a good day. Start a new read-aloud, take turns reading to each other, or write your own stories to read. You Choose stories are great for this and can be enjoyed by multiple ages! Of course, I can help you find the perfect books from Usborne Books & More!
  • Work on life skills. It can be disguised as a cleaning day! Cook something together, review proper table settings, let them watch you pay bills and talk about what things costs. They may be surprised that it cost money to have lights!
  • Bundle up and take a walk outside. In our case, put on your rain boots and take a walk. Fresh air does the body and mind good!
  • If art is their thing, have an art day! One big, messy day of it!
  • A thought that just came to me was have a freezer cooking day. Many hands would make light work of an otherwise daunting task.
  • Have a movie or documentary day! Remember when the big television cart was rolled into class? I sure do!

Those are just a handful of ideas to break the monotony and help everyone get out of the February funk for a day or two anyway!

These ideas led me to think of several more! Look for another post very soon!

Need even more encouragement?

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Have you seen some changes on my website?

I am so excited about the upcoming birthday, and the homeschool expo that I almost forgot to include something else I’ve been working on. My daughter got a Cricut Machine for Christmas, and has found something creative she really enjoys. She and I have been working on some items to go in my new shop! For now, there are some free printables, and soon some of my daughter’s creations will be there!

I am also happy to share my Free Resource Library. There you will find printables for your homeschool, my nature printables, checklist, and more! I hope to be consistently adding as time allows.

How is your February shaping up? I love to hear from my readers and learn about their day to day lives!

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  1. Great ideas! February can be a hard month! I can’t wait to see what you are doing for her birthday! It is hard to believe she will be 16.

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