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Two Books for a Creative Year

Who else is ready for a new year? While 2020 was certainly memorable, I will be happy to see the calendar turn to another year. I’ve got a couple of great books to keep those creative juices flowing all year long for your kids, or perhaps even yourself!

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Do you have a kid who enjoys writing and drawing? Are you a memory keeper? If so, you will want to grab a copy of A Year In My Life or My Year of Art (or both)! These journals are unique, quirky, and and “imaginatively offbeat” – perhaps that’s why I think they are so awesome! Books where you can think, create, and make them exclusively yours are what you get in this series from Kane Miller. While they are similar in format, the content is different. Both books provide activities that are quick, simple, and fun! Whoever the “author” is, it will be a one-of-a-kind keepsake at the end of 365 days!

A Year In My Life

A Year In My Life contains 365 writing and drawing activities. Prompts include day-to-day life, thoughts, dreams, silly things, and more to stretch the imagination! Sketch, scribble, and write your way through 2021! Some examples include: look at your feet, and write down everywhere you walked today. Draw the smallest thing you saw today, but make it enormous! Draw what you were doing at 10 a.m., but pretend a dragon was with you!

This is the perfect book for recording a year of memories, short stories, and sketches. Pair it with a nice set of pencils, pens, or colored pencils for a neat gift. Simple pen and ink illustrations throughout add interest to the pages. Varying ages can use this book. Parents of little ones who are not yet writing, can tell you what to write down while doing the drawing themselves. Older kids who may not enjoy writing and journaling will love the style of this book. The most difficult part (the idea) is done for you! I personally like the idea of making it a family affair! How fun would it be to go back and read them on New Year’s Eve?

My Year of Art

My Year of Art contains 365 opportunities to draw, paint, write, make collages, and more! Activities include: watching a sunset and counting how many colors you see, drawing a guitar using only straight lines, drawing the most exciting place you have ever been to, and creating a picture made entirely of dots!

Inside is also brief information about famous artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and others. Use the given examples from these artist to inspire you to create your own renditions of their famous works. The front of the book contains a short list of basic art materials to get started. Most families have these already around the house. Kids of all ages will enjoy creating all year long, and end up with a treasury of art!

Take a look inside!

There are so many activities and ideas that can be enjoyed all year long! Although my kids are now teenagers, I think I will leave one or both of these on the coffee table to encourage creativity for any member of the family, as well as visitors! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a sketch from an aunt or a short writing prompt filled in by grandpa? Or you could also do it all yourself and have a book that’s totally you! Either way, A Year in My Life or My Year of Art is a fantastic way to be creative and keep memories!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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