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Travel the World Through Letters – Letters From Afar Review

Do you dream of lands far away? Have you been bitten by the travel bug, but are short on funds, or experiencing travel restrictions? Do you need to jazz up your homeschool geography curriculum? World travel is only a letter away through Letters From Afar.

I love this product so much, I asked to become an affiliate! That means if you purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! As always, I promote things I use, and want to pass my findings on to you…..and who knows, maybe I will be able to save up and travel one day!

In my quest to find meaningful, clutter free gifts for my teens this past Christmas, I began to look for gifts that last longer than a few days. After such a crumby 2020, I wanted to find gifts that they could look forward to for several more months, because who knew how much longer the chaos of the year would last. Subscriptions came to mind. That’s when I found Letters From Afar. Spoiler alert – it is one of the best, inexpensive gifts I have ever purchased!

What is Letters From Afar?

Letters From Afar is described as an explorer’s tale delivered by mail. Each month, receive a letter from Isabelle, a character inspired from the 19th-century English traveler, Isabella Bird. Isabella is an explorer, writer, photographer, and naturalist with quite an interesting bio, and known for her descriptive letters to home telling of her travels.

The creator of Letters From Afar, Shawnee Mills, combines her love of art and travel into a beautiful letter delivered monthly through the USPS. Through these letters, Isabelle travels to well known as well as lesser known places. Some of the letters we have received so far have been of her travels to Finland, Mexico, Morocco, and Hawaii. At each stop, you will find factual and historical information about the region, its culture, food, and more. The author has spent many hours researching in such a descriptive way that makes you feel like you are right there!

What’s included in the subscription?

I’m amazed at the stunning artwork on the front and backside of each letter that is printed on recycled paper. Not only are the letters beautiful, a fun feature of each letter is that there is something discreetly hidden in the artwork. For instance, in our most recent letter of Isabelle’s Moroccan travels, there were nine camels hidden among the beautiful drawings to find (and they are challenging)! An added bonus included with each letter are two vintage world stamps. Even the envelope is made from kraft paper with the recipient’s address printed in a vintage typewriter typeface. If you look close, you will also notice a rubber stamped image that indicates a hint as to where the letter may be from. I’m not kidding, Shawnee didn’t miss any details!

Did you happen to spot any mugs of hot cocoa?

How to use the letters

Of course, you can simply just enjoy reading them. Kids and adults alike look forward to opening the mailbox to something besides a bill or junk mail. They are so pretty, you could even frame them! Because Letters From Afar were a gift and our daughter is nearing 17, I don’t feel the need to turn everything into a unit study for her – but of course the homeschool mama in me sees the letters as a fun way to incorporate all sorts of learning!

  • Geography/Mapping
  • Art
  • International Cooking
  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Culture Studies
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Stamp Collecting
  • Multi-age Unit Study
  • Lunch Crate or Morning Basket
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • and more!

How to Subscribe

Subscriptions to Letters From Afar are available in monthly, 6 month, or 12 month subscriptions. At only $6 per month, it is a fantastic deal! They are perfect for kids, students, and even adults! With everything in our world going digital, it’s nice to receive something special in the mail that has a personal touch. Also, a portion of all proceeds go directly to Pencils of Promise, a global community that believes everyone deserves access to quality education. The nonprofit organization helps build and maintain schools in less privileged communities around the world.

If you are interested in subscribing today, CLICK HERE to get started. I also encourage you to check out books about the real life Isabella Bird. Little ones will enjoy Away with Words: The Daring Story Of Isabella Bird.

The world is a big place – ignite that wanderlust!

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