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WORLD Watch News Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Wanna know what I’d like to do? I would like to replace every mainstream news media source with WORLD Watch. I firmly believe the mainstream news media has been like a toxic poison to America.

Imagine a news show that doesn’t insult your intelligence? Just a few months ago, I would tell you that doesn’t exist. That was until I was able to review WORLD Watch with the Homeschool Review Crew team. WORLD Watch is a 10 minute news show designed for teens that is far from what is on most networks today. Headlines, news briefs, and feature stories are presented in a way that present the facts without pushing some kind of agenda that is currently dominating the airwaves.

 What is WORLD Watch like (or not like)?

I’ve clearly stated the obvious – that it is not like what is on the big network channels. The only thing that is similar is in the filming and production, so I’ll begin there. The film crew and producers have done a terrific job! The format is just as professional as their counterparts. The host of WORLD Watch, Brian Basham, also known as “The Big Bash”, is the friendly host of the show and has over 15 years experience in delivering the news and weather. The reporters are equally professional, attractive, and also modest in dress. I mention that because the news media is filled with pretty women, some more modest than others. There are no commercials, only a very short (few second) ad in the middle from either a Christian curriculum publisher or college.

A typical episode begins with current headlines. Today’s (9/9/21) top stories for instance was the Taliban takeover, the earthquake in Acapulco, and the Bitcoin accepted in El Salvador. Other interesting stories included Legos in city economics, Epipens, the Bandit Flight Team, and a Lyre Bird named Echo. All of this in 10 quick minutes! If you don’t have 10 minutes, and want to be in the know of today’s headlines, they also have shorter “Newscasts” available without the feature stories. Or maybe you are just interested in the feature stories without the headline news. They have that available too.

How we used WORLD Watch and what we thought.

For review, my family received a 6 month subscription to WORLD Watch. I simply signed on daily through the website, or by daily email. I am able to cast it through our Google device to the living room T.V. for everyone to view comfortably. We all enjoyed the current events, as well as the feature stories. A favorite is the “What in the Word” segments that gives the history or origin of words or everyday expressions. I was impressed with the quality and content, and just getting the facts. That’s all anyone needs to know. Everyone has a worldview, and where we get it is important. Outside influences do not always align with with our view, and as a Bible believing family, we are mindful of where those influences come from. This is a biblical news show, but I haven’t noticed any heavy religious slant.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I recently saw a post or meme that said they blocked a mainstream media channel at her parent’s house using parental controls, and that’s how we save America. Perhaps it was meant to be funny, but isn’t it the truth? I would highly recommend replacing whatever you may be watching with WORLD Watch, even if you don’t have teens.

How to get WORLD Watch

The subscription to WORLD Watch costs $79.99/year or $9.99/month. They offer a free 30-day trial period, so you can try before you buy.

Several families from the Review Crew also got to use WORLD Watch. Check out what they thought by clicking on the banner below!

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