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Why You Need a Summer Book Box

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Summers are for fun! Everyone loves a day at the beach, a few days of camp or VBS, and especially a vacation! The carefree days of children playing and discovering things on their own is summer fun! I do, however, like to keep things new and fresh at the start of a new season. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and a new activity or coloring book were the norm when the kids were younger. Recently, I’ve decided to restructure my long-time side business with Usborne Books, and thought about the ways kids and their families could benefit from Summer Book Boxes.

Summer Slide

I’m not talking about the kind you burn your legs on! Some also call it brain drain. Summer slide happens when kids lose some of the achievement gains they’ve made during the previous school year. We have always followed the traditional school year calendar, with a long break during the summer. Although, I’ve never been one to give the kids workbooks or do “summer school” during the summer months, learning doesn’t come to a halt. Reading is especially important to continue to work on, especially for those emerging readers! Usborne offers some fantastic phonics books, and I’ve put together some with a summer theme in a book box.

Themes are Fun!

Summer theme topics are such fun! I’ve put together four that would be a delight for kids to “dive” into! Some of my favorites are Magic Painting Books. You may remember them from your own childhood as paint with water books – only these have more than those three drab colors! The colors are vibrant, the designs are beautiful, and the nice, thick pages are perforated for easy removal. Another favorite (and one of the first Usborne books I ever purchased) are the Things to Spot books. They are similar to I Spy or Where’s Waldo, but easier for younger audiences. Last, the Shine-a-Light Oceans (available in the Sea Theme) box is perfect for those summer nights when it’s difficult to get kids to bed, because these require a flashlight to enjoy! Any of the themes would be “oceans” of fun!

But I’m Bored!

Those are “bad words” around my house, but I believe every kid has grumbled those dreaded words a few times during the summer. I’ve saved the best for last because these books are AMAZING! I love everything about them, and even have two of them myself – as well as a couple of the card boxes! The original Never Get Board Book begins with 5 boredom-busting techniques such as: rearranging the letters in “I’m so very bored” to make as many different words as you can, how many times you can say “I’m bored” in ten seconds, and learning the words for “bored” in twelve different languages! How awesome is that? It only gets better. There’s everything from art to games, to detective work, tricks, and so much more, and covers such a variety of ages!

Never Bored Outdoors is just as awesome! Loaded with all sorts of activities from jungle adventures to sculpting with stones, investigating buildings, starting seeds, sprinting, just to name a few. The cards are wipe-clean and come with a pen, so you can write and erase as many times as you want. There are classic games like Boxes and Four in a Row, as well as lesser known games, teasers, puzzles, and mazes. They are terrific for summer travel!

How to Get a Summer Book Box

So, are you wondering how to get a Summer Book Box? It’s easy-peasy. Individual titles can be ordered anytime on my website If you’re interested in these awesome packages that I put together, order directly through me through my email: I’ll order the books, package them, and send them to you with a couple of fun bonuses! This is not an Usborne special, it’s a my special available to U.S. residents. I would love nothing more than to bring delight to your family this summer through these fantastic books! Because this isn’t an blog exclusively for Usborne Books & More, you may want to check out my Facebook page for reading tips, inside looks, and other Usborne stuff.

I also have a free “mini unit” available with several fun activities with a “home” theme featuring our books. If you have older kids, and need some “out of the book box” ideas, take a look at a previous post, A Summer to Remember. Most of all, have a fun summer; a carefree summer, and watch how learning takes place beyond walls, during all four seasons!

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