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Upcycled Tutorial

A couple of years ago, I came across a neat paper craft on Pinterest.  It was making Christmas trees from old catalogs/magazines.  I decided to try a couple, and they were so easy and fun to make!  I decided to use them for props in my craft show displays (I am an Usborne Books Consultant).   I had  many older ladies comment that they used to make them with Reader’s Digest magazines when they were young.  I continued to use them during the holiday season in my displays.  It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago, another vendor who happened to be a paper-crafter took notice.  She asked me if I sold them, and I told her no, but perhaps I should make more so I could.  She suggested that I make a kit, and let the customer make their own.  I really liked the idea, as I had remembered purchasing a string art kit for my daughter several months ago.  She enjoyed stringing the thread around the nails in the shape of our state.  I had many outdated Usborne mini catalogs laying around, and thought it might be fun for others as well.  So, after a fun evening of creativity, my first upcycled craft kit was born! Continue reading “Upcycled Tutorial”

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Top 10 Usborne Gift Guide

I am not an early shopper.  I am also not a fan of the craziness of Black Friday shopping, heaps of plastic toys, and the frenzy of the season in general.   I may be a little “grinchy”, but there are some things I do like about the upcoming season, such as cooler weather, hot coffee, tacky Christmas lights, and thoughtful gifts.  Yes, thoughtful gifts.  When you are simply exchanging gift cards, perhaps it’s time to stop.   I haven’t always been this way, but I became disgruntled when my own kids were small.  I remember it vividly:  two feet deep in wrapping paper trash covering the floor, and they were still looking for the next thing to rip open.  I was literally sick to my stomach.  Every year since, I have sized the gift-giving down.  I can’t say  the same for the grandparents, but it brings them joy – so, whatever.   Continue reading “Top 10 Usborne Gift Guide”

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Homeschoolminder Review

You can usually find me the first week of November surrounded by stacks of paper, a calculator, a calendar, my planner, and a large cup of coffee.  It is around this time of year, we have completed our first quarter of the school year.  As usual, I have procrastinated and am scrambling to meet my own deadlines.  Not this time.   Continue reading “Homeschoolminder Review”

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Church: Quit Tricking

I did something earlier this week…….I went to a real fall festival for the first time.  It is an event put on by a local homeschool co-op we recently joined.  The group’s teens ran nearly all of it as a fundraiser for an upcoming trip.  Hot dogs and popcorn was served, homemade carnival games were played, faces were painted, and treats were won at a cakewalk.  It truly was a fun time, and the older kids got the chance to take a welcomed load off the moms to earn money for something they want.  There were just a few things missing from the other fall festivals Halloween parties I have attended over the years at various churches.  Continue reading “Church: Quit Tricking”

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What We’re Reading in October

I read several blogs, and one of my favorite things is seeing monthly posts of what other homeschool mamas and their kids are reading.  As a new blogger, and a lover of books, I wanted to do the same here.  I got a little behind over the past few weeks, so I’ll fill you in on what we’ve been reading the for the past six weeks.  Hopefully, I’ll be on a monthly schedule of what we’re reading, and post around the middle of each month.  This post contains affiliate links.   Continue reading “What We’re Reading in October”

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Look It Up!

This post contains many affiliate links.  I have personally used and would recommend each of them.  All purchases cost no extra to you, and helps me keep blogging. 

I have a beautiful aqua bookshelf that I keep some of my favorite things on.  Books.  There’s a section dedicated to the kids larger history and science books that are heavy and clunky.  There’s a section that contains a few of my personal books that I have not yet read, or that I am keeping handy for reference later.  My husband has part of it filled with Bible study materials.  There’s even a shelf for the dog that contains her toy box.  I want to zoom in on the bottom self.  This shelf has books old and new that I’ve collected over the years.  They are not part of our curriculum, although we can use them for most of our subjects.  It’s what I call our Reference Shelf.  It’s where the kids go to when they hear three words, “look it up.”   Continue reading “Look It Up!”

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Reset – When Your School Year Starts Out Rough

Wouldn’t you know it – 10 days, yes 10 days into our new school year we were smacked with a hurricane.  Not just any hurricane that usually inconveniences us for a couple of days, where we clean up yard debris, pretend like we’re camping, cook-out, and have fun with flashlights.  Florence came in the night with fury, pushing water to places it has never been, and left a path of destruction covering two states.  Our beloved town was devastated, although it didn’t take long for our community to come together and start putting things back together unlike I have ever witnessed.  The President of the United States even came to New Bern, NC to offer words of encouragement, and hand out meals at a local church.   Continue reading “Reset – When Your School Year Starts Out Rough”

So Many Reasons to Be a Fanatic, Tips for Homeschooling Mamas

Hurricane Homeschooling

We have a potentially catastrophic hurricane coming our way (at my time of typing – it is here!)  Her name is Florence, and she is packing a punch to my area.  I’ve lived in Eastern NC all my life, so I’m no stranger to forceful winds, sheets of rain, flooding, and the loss of electricity for days.  This one, however, has had my nerves in a ball.  As I type, it has been downgraded, but it will be dark soon, and that’s when things will really get going.  Even though it has been shifting slightly south, we will probably be in “waterworld” here for the next couple of weeks.   Continue reading “Hurricane Homeschooling”

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7th Grade Curriculum 2018-19

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(Some of the content is a repeat of my previous post, but some things are different for my 7th grader)  

Making plans for my 7th grader was slightly easier.  One, because I’ve done it with my guinea pig, I mean my first born.  Second, because he’s a “get it done” kind of kid.  Last year, when there was an end in sight, he doubled up and completed his math curriculum a month early.  He did well, and was off playing in the sun, perfecting his trampoline skills, and just being a boy.   He’s a sharp kid, but there are skills he still needs much work on.  Neatness is a big one.  Due dates are another.  Now that he’s in middle school, I want to help him put as much effort in his school work as he does other things.  I also want to leave time for him to tinker at home, and learn valuable skills working with his dad when he can.
Continue reading “7th Grade Curriculum 2018-19”