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Twelve Terrific Things to Do Off Season In Myrtle Beach

This week marks twenty years since our first visit to Myrtle Beach, SC. It was January 23, 1999. The weather was warm, it was raining cats and dogs, and we were just married a few hours earlier that day. Since then, we have gone back to Myrtle Beach every couple of years in winter. The weather is great most of the time, and there are no crowds! We have noticed it gaining popularity in the winter months, but I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the summer season – which I’m not interested in finding out! I’d love to share with you our favorite places that we have visited over the years!

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Do The Things

My favorite holiday is finally here! No, it’s not because I will be sipping champagne and dancing until 2a.m. New Year’s Eve is much different for me and always has been. Our evening consists of celebrating my dad’s birthday (who will be 80) with soup, grilled cheese, and my mom’s homemade cake. We will then head to my hometown in Oriental, and run with the dragon. It lasts about 20 minutes, but it has been a tradition of mine since I was very young – and it’s probably the closest thing that I’ll ever get to Times Square.

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Favorite Gift Ideas

It’s crunch time, and if you are a procrastinator like myself, you are still searching for a great, thoughtful, gift that will be used, loved, and not break the bank!  As kids get older, sometimes it’s difficult to find something they will like, that’s out of the ordinary, and not too expensive.  This year, my son wants a four-wheeler.  Not happening.  He’s getting braces soon, so……. Merry Christmas, son.  

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Upcycled Tutorial

A couple of years ago, I came across a neat paper craft on Pinterest.  It was making Christmas trees from old catalogs/magazines.  I decided to try a couple, and they were so easy and fun to make!  I decided to use them for props in my craft show displays (I am an Usborne Books Consultant).   I had  many older ladies comment that they used to make them with Reader’s Digest magazines when they were young.  I continued to use them during the holiday season in my displays.  It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago, another vendor who happened to be a paper-crafter took notice.  She asked me if I sold them, and I told her no, but perhaps I should make more so I could.  She suggested that I make a kit, and let the customer make their own.  I really liked the idea, as I had remembered purchasing a string art kit for my daughter several months ago.  She enjoyed stringing the thread around the nails in the shape of our state.  I had many outdated Usborne mini catalogs laying around, and thought it might be fun for others as well.  So, after a fun evening of creativity, my first upcycled craft kit was born! Continue reading “Upcycled Tutorial”

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Top 10 Usborne Gift Guide

I am not an early shopper.  I am also not a fan of the craziness of Black Friday shopping, heaps of plastic toys, and the frenzy of the season in general.   I may be a little “grinchy”, but there are some things I do like about the upcoming season, such as cooler weather, hot coffee, tacky Christmas lights, and thoughtful gifts.  Yes, thoughtful gifts.  When you are simply exchanging gift cards, perhaps it’s time to stop.   I haven’t always been this way, but I became disgruntled when my own kids were small.  I remember it vividly:  two feet deep in wrapping paper trash covering the floor, and they were still looking for the next thing to rip open.  I was literally sick to my stomach.  Every year since, I have sized the gift-giving down.  I can’t say  the same for the grandparents, but it brings them joy – so, whatever.   Continue reading “Top 10 Usborne Gift Guide”

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Behind The Scenes


The aquarium is one of my favorite places.  I can get there in under an hour, so it makes for a fun, spontaneous adventure!  As often as I’ve been, I have never taken a behind the scenes tour.  So, a couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I had the opportunity to check it out.  The familiar exhibits take on a whole new light when viewed from the other side. Continue reading “Behind The Scenes”