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Noticing Nature – March

This is a special edition of Noticing Nature! In a time of social distancing, practically everything is closed, and people are going stir crazy – I’ve got the perfect outdoor activity that can meet all the requirements for everyone’s new normal.

Would you believe there are millions of treasures hidden all over the world, just waiting to be found? What if I told you it’s very likely some of those treasures are right near you at any given moment? Keep reading, because I’m going to tell you about the ultimate game of hide and seek that anyone can play as well as another new extension of geocaching that we recently discovered!

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Noticing Nature

Noticing Nature – January

The purpose of the Noticing Nature series to spark interest and provide simple activities to be enjoyed by teens.

It may sound crazy, but do you know what I’ve been noticing in nature this month? Lizards, a few spiders, mosquitoes, and a couple of dandelions! That is typical in eastern North Carolina. The saying, “if you don’t like the weather in eastern NC, wait a day or two because it will change” is very true. By the time I finish this writing, it will seem much more like January than early spring.

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