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Take the Trip!

It is getting late into the summer. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about a last hurrah before school starts or later in the fall. Maybe you’d like to, but not sure you want to spend the money or take the time off from work. Let me tell you to stop overthinking it and TAKE THE TRIP!

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Rewind – The Very Best of Homeschool Fanatic

A year ago this week, I started a blog. I didn’t start a blog because I needed something to do, wanted to get rich, or because I think I’m the best homeschooling mom. I started a blog because I have a fire, a passion, and a drive. My goal has always been to encourage, share ideas, cheer on existing homeschoolers, and convince others to join the homeschooling lifestyle.

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Top 10 Reasons To Never Give Up Homeschooling Teens and Tweens

It’s that time of year. Packages are rolling in with new school supplies and curriculum. Maybe you’re pumped from attending a recent homeschool convention. You are either brimming with excitement for the upcoming school year, or you are having second thoughts. Doubts are creeping in. You may be asking yourself, “Is homeschooling still the right thing for us?”

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Anxious About Kindergarten?

According to the frequent posts I’ve been seeing on Facebook, it’s almost time to register for kindergarten. The fear of this unknown territory can be overwhelming to a mother. I remember this time of year very well. Over ten years later, I’d never dream I would be writing a blog post about it.

It seems like a lifetime, but it was only a little over a decade ago that my daughter was in preschool. She had been attending preschool at our church three half-days a week. It was a great experience for her and myself. Her days at preschool were spent with plenty of play, art, Bible stories, learning, and a favorite among many preschoolers – snack time. My days were filled with trying to get all I could done in that small window of time!

With only two months remaining of her time at preschool, I started getting forms and flyers about kindergarten registration sent home in her backpack. I vividly remember the feelings I had as I looked over the enclosed paperwork. The thought about her being away at school five full days a week made me nervous. I remember thinking, “she’s too small to go to big school”. Little did I know that there were more options than just what was tucked in her little backpack.

This post contains an affiliate link. I was not compensated for my review. I can highly recommend you watch the linked documentary, and gain as much insight as I did.

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A Whine, A Rant, and I Just Can’t…

This was my week! A week that will probably never happen again. Want to know more? I got a legit week off from my role as a homeschool mom. My daughter is learning driving skills at driver’s ed all week. My son is gaining valuable life skills by working with his dad all week. The weather is cold, and I was going to be Mrs. PRODUCTIVE. Last week, I even made a list of all the neglected jobs I was going to tackle:

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Fun Things - Field Trips, Games, Creative Ideas, So Many Reasons to Be a Fanatic, Tips for Homeschooling Mamas

Do The Things

My favorite holiday is finally here! No, it’s not because I will be sipping champagne and dancing until 2a.m. New Year’s Eve is much different for me and always has been. Our evening consists of celebrating my dad’s birthday (who will be 80) with soup, grilled cheese, and my mom’s homemade cake. We will then head to my hometown in Oriental, and run with the dragon. It lasts about 20 minutes, but it has been a tradition of mine since I was very young – and it’s probably the closest thing that I’ll ever get to Times Square.

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Reset – When Your School Year Starts Out Rough

Wouldn’t you know it – 10 days, yes 10 days into our new school year we were smacked with a hurricane.  Not just any hurricane that usually inconveniences us for a couple of days, where we clean up yard debris, pretend like we’re camping, cook-out, and have fun with flashlights.  Florence came in the night with fury, pushing water to places it has never been, and left a path of destruction covering two states.  Our beloved town was devastated, although it didn’t take long for our community to come together and start putting things back together unlike I have ever witnessed.  The President of the United States even came to New Bern, NC to offer words of encouragement, and hand out meals at a local church.   Continue reading “Reset – When Your School Year Starts Out Rough”

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Hurricane Homeschooling

We have a potentially catastrophic hurricane coming our way (at my time of typing – it is here!)  Her name is Florence, and she is packing a punch to my area.  I’ve lived in Eastern NC all my life, so I’m no stranger to forceful winds, sheets of rain, flooding, and the loss of electricity for days.  This one, however, has had my nerves in a ball.  As I type, it has been downgraded, but it will be dark soon, and that’s when things will really get going.  Even though it has been shifting slightly south, we will probably be in “waterworld” here for the next couple of weeks.   Continue reading “Hurricane Homeschooling”

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

…..Cue the music…..It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!  Either you are thinking about the old Staples commercial for back to school shopping, the actual Christmas song, or what most moms are humming when their kids start back to school.  Is it really “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year” for homeschooling moms too?  YOU BETCHA! 

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So Many Reasons to Be a Fanatic

Documentary Review: IndoctriNation

Disclaimer:  I believe there are many outstanding Christian teachers and administrators in the public school system.  It is never my intent to offend or hurt any of them.  I do not blame them for the shape of the public school system.  My intent is to share something that is important to me, and should be to my readers as well.  As a new school year is on the horizon, I ask that you read this with an open heart and mind.  This is also my first time using an affiliate link.  That means I may receive a small commission on the purchase of the linked item in this post at no extra cost to you.  I do not promote anything I do not believe in, and have not been paid for writing this review.  A purchase will help with the expenses of running a blog, as well as with our homeschool.  I’ve paid my tax portion to the government for the public school my children will not be attending.

Mind-blowing numbers:  According to the US Department of Education, 50.7 million students attend public schools.  They project by 2021, 91% of school-age children will be enrolled in a public school.  Seventy five percent of Americans identify with a Christian religion.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Why are 91% of our children attending these indoctrination academies?

I purchased a life-changing DVD several years ago.  I usually view it at least twice a year.  If I could I would buy a copy for everyone I know.  Every Christian should have a copy.  Every church in America should have a copy or two in their libraries.  Interested to know what it is? Continue reading “Documentary Review: IndoctriNation”