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When the Holidays Make You Feel Like a GRINCH

‘Tis the season.   The crazy has already begun.  Events to attend, crafts to make, activities to do, books to read, gifts to buy, on and on and on.  My social media feeds are loaded with all things Christmas.  I’ve been both a partaker and contributor to some of those things myself, but it’s enough to make you crazy.  It’s enough to make you feel that you aren’t doing enough.  It’s enough to make you set aside your curriculum for at least a month while we try to duplicate everything we’ve seen on social media.  It throws us off our schedule, and adds more stress to moms everywhere who are trying to give their kids the very best education, and still maintain super mom status.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  Continue reading “When the Holidays Make You Feel Like a GRINCH”

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Upcycled Tutorial

A couple of years ago, I came across a neat paper craft on Pinterest.  It was making Christmas trees from old catalogs/magazines.  I decided to try a couple, and they were so easy and fun to make!  I decided to use them for props in my craft show displays (I am an Usborne Books Consultant).   I had  many older ladies comment that they used to make them with Reader’s Digest magazines when they were young.  I continued to use them during the holiday season in my displays.  It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago, another vendor who happened to be a paper-crafter took notice.  She asked me if I sold them, and I told her no, but perhaps I should make more so I could.  She suggested that I make a kit, and let the customer make their own.  I really liked the idea, as I had remembered purchasing a string art kit for my daughter several months ago.  She enjoyed stringing the thread around the nails in the shape of our state.  I had many outdated Usborne mini catalogs laying around, and thought it might be fun for others as well.  So, after a fun evening of creativity, my first upcycled craft kit was born! Continue reading “Upcycled Tutorial”