Something to Celebrate

Something To Celebrate in February

What do groundhogs, bubblegum, batteries, dog biscuits, and tortilla chips have in common? Absolutely nothing. Unless you're Celebrating Every Day! Is it me, or has January felt like it has been about 17 days longer than it should be? Unfortunately, in the world of homeschooling, February is the month where homeschool burnout is at its… Continue reading Something To Celebrate in February

Tips for Homeschooling Mamas

Fanatic News Flash-February 2020

It's a big month for our family! Our first born will be turning 16 towards month's end. As a mama, I'm both thrilled and terrified. I suppose that's normal for those who have 'been down that road' before. She's definitely ready, I'm definitely not. Watching your kids grow up is much more difficult than I… Continue reading Fanatic News Flash-February 2020