Fanatic News Flash by the Month

Fanatic News Flash – September

We are starting the school year off with a bang this week! New classes, new school supplies, new routines, and a hurricane! Last year, our homeschool was in session a mere 10 days before Hurricane Florence visited our town. This year, the first activity of our first day of school was heading out to get… Continue reading Fanatic News Flash – September

So Many Reasons to Be a Fanatic, Tips for Homeschooling Mamas

Hurricane Homeschooling

We have a potentially catastrophic hurricane coming our way (at my time of typing - it is here!)  Her name is Florence, and she is packing a punch to my area.  I've lived in Eastern NC all my life, so I'm no stranger to forceful winds, sheets of rain, flooding, and the loss of electricity… Continue reading Hurricane Homeschooling