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Look It Up!

This post contains many affiliate links.  I have personally used and would recommend each of them.  All purchases cost no extra to you, and helps me keep blogging. 

I have a beautiful aqua bookshelf that I keep some of my favorite things on.  Books.  There’s a section dedicated to the kids larger history and science books that are heavy and clunky.  There’s a section that contains a few of my personal books that I have not yet read, or that I am keeping handy for reference later.  My husband has part of it filled with Bible study materials.  There’s even a shelf for the dog that contains her toy box.  I want to zoom in on the bottom self.  This shelf has books old and new that I’ve collected over the years.  They are not part of our curriculum, although we can use them for most of our subjects.  It’s what I call our Reference Shelf.  It’s where the kids go to when they hear three words, “look it up.”   Continue reading “Look It Up!”