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Noticing Nature – December

What are you noticing this month? With all the business of the season, it's difficult to stop and take notice. Take just a few minutes, and I'm positive you will notice something! I have been guilty myself this month of not enjoying as much time outside as I'd like to. I have noticed that the… Continue reading Noticing Nature – December

Noticing Nature

Noticing Nature – November

Are you starting to notice? There are many changes happening in my neck of the woods in November. This month, it's all about LEAVES! This post may contain affiliate links. They cost nothing extra to you, and helps me with blogging and art supply expenses. Looking out my backdoor, many changes are currently taking place… Continue reading Noticing Nature – November

Fun Things - Field Trips, Games, Creative Ideas, Noticing Nature

Noticing Nature – October

It's amazing what you start to notice when you have a gentle reminder to be looking! This is the second post in my new series, Noticing Nature. If you didn't get a chance to read the first one, check it out here for the backstory. Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, I… Continue reading Noticing Nature – October

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Noticing Nature – September

I am excited to bring a new series to my blog! Noticing Nature is just that. Geared toward teens, the goal of this series is to simply look and notice the world around you, wherever you are! I have vivid memories of a bad case of poison oak as a little girl. I don't remember… Continue reading Noticing Nature – September