Fanatic News Flash by the Month, Tips for Homeschooling Mamas

Fanatic News Flash – May 2020

Same thing, different month – right? We have still been plugging away at our homeschooling without field trips, co-ops, or park days. It’s been kind of nice not running around to every event, and for the most part, we’ve been doing what we have always done. Because the majority of our life does revolve around the home, it’s when we go out in public, it hits me. What everyone is calling the “new normal” is not normal at all! It is not normal for businesses I support to be closed. It is not normal for public areas like parks, playgrounds, and beaches to be closed. It’s not normal for people not to socialize. It’s definitely not normal for the majority to be walking around with their faces covered, then look at you like you’re the disease if you’re not masked! Well, it’s a new month, and it’s time to move on.

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