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Anxious About Kindergarten?

According to the frequent posts I’ve been seeing on Facebook, it’s almost time to register for kindergarten. The fear of this unknown territory can be overwhelming to a mother. I remember this time of year very well. Over ten years later, I’d never dream I would be writing a blog post about it.

It seems like a lifetime, but it was only a little over a decade ago that my daughter was in preschool. She had been attending preschool at our church three half-days a week. It was a great experience for her and myself. Her days at preschool were spent with plenty of play, art, Bible stories, learning, and a favorite among many preschoolers – snack time. My days were filled with trying to get all I could done in that small window of time!

With only two months remaining of her time at preschool, I started getting forms and flyers about kindergarten registration sent home in her backpack. I vividly remember the feelings I had as I looked over the enclosed paperwork. The thought about her being away at school five full days a week made me nervous. I remember thinking, “she’s too small to go to big school”. Little did I know that there were more options than just what was tucked in her little backpack.

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