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Is Public Education Really Against America?

“If only people knew” – that’s the phrase rolling in my thoughts as I read Public Education Against America. Thanks to Marlin Maddoux people can know, if they dare read it. Be forewarned, this isn’t a pleasant read. In fact, as I turned each page, so did my stomach.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this review. I purchased this book on my own, and the thoughts and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you.

Public Education Against America exposes the manipulation, lies, and straight up assault on America’s youth. The author, Marlin Maddoux was the host of a radio talk show, Point of View, founder and president of the USA Radio Network, as well as the National Center for Freedom and Renewal. This book, published in 2006 (note that date) was Mr. Maddoux’s last written work. Within its chapters, the reader is taken through a journey of discovery of what public education has become. I don’t believe anyone can argue the fact that there are problems with public education, but not many understand the secret agenda and dark history associated with it. The public education system is actually doing what it was designed to do all along: to replace reading, writing, and arithmetic with moral relativism and secular humanism.

Against America

Within the thirteen chapters of Public Education Against America, I underlined, starred, and wowed many words throughout the 275 pages. This is not the first book I have read on the topic, but this particular one goes into details, many from guests on the Point of View radio show, that really connects the dots. I’ll admit, the first couple of chapters had me wondering where he was going with this. Seventh graders saturated in Islam? A mock pilgrimage to Mecca? Memorizing sections of the Koran? What? Then an entire chapter on 9/11? Did you know that across many college campuses there was a moral dilemma following the attacks on that dreadful day?

That’s right. Instead of anger and outrage, the students at Yale “talked about differences between their own life circumstances and those of the young terrorists.” They implied cultural differences caused this to happen. Thanks to those “open-ended” third grade questions, these same students who are now in college “find themselves unable to condemn any act, no matter how evil.” Oh, but we want to be tolerant, and nonjudgmental, and affirming, right? How about the student who writes of saving the whales and rain forests, but cannot condemn the practice of human sacrifice? Where does that ideology even come from?

What Shaped the American Public School System?

It’s intriguing to learn about the history and the people who influenced what we know as public education in America today. German philosophers, such as Hegel, Kant, and Marx influenced the minds of the people who shaped the American public school system. Perhaps the name John Dewy rings a bell. He was an atheist, a socialist, and revolutionized the educational system in America by shaping social values. His connection with the American public school system and the communist school system in Soviet Russia goes back to the 1920’s and 1930’s.

We are also introduced to Antonia Gramsci. He was the founder of the Italian Communist Party, and his strategy was winning the world voluntarily to Marxism. Today’s “culture war” is an extension and application of Gramsci’s strategy. His strategy to socialize the West could be done by undermining religious and cultural values. This war would not be fought on the battlefield, but through hearts and minds. Today, we call the ones following his pattern the “new left”. There’s great detail presented about the psychological system of thought reform and mind control. This dialectic has been used to change the structure of beliefs and values of entire cultures. A large section of Public Education Against America addresses how this is played out every single day in America’s classrooms, often unknowingly by the educators.

Public Education Against….what else?

The next chapters cover public education against Christianity, against healthy sex, against the American dream, and against parental rights. These sections are full of stories from students, parents, and teachers from all over the country. I’ll briefly mention just a few highlights:

  • Christian students are becoming more secular humanistic in their thinking. There’s some interesting data charts from the Nehemiah Institute. Sadly, the Christian schools are also on a downward slope.
  • The clear intention of textbooks is to change the definition of family. (I have personally seen it in children’s books myself). You will not see the words marriage, wedding, husband, or wife in most.
  • The sex ed classes have crossed the line. I’ll spare the details; they would make you (and me) blush.
  • Planned Parenthood and SIECUS write much of the sex education material for public schools.
  • There is reason to believe that there’s an “incestuous relationship between the public school system and the abortion providers”. One interviewer stated that American taxpayers have been footing the bill for criminal operations.
  • The prestigious “Governer’s School” is nothing more than a dangerous “mental hazing” designed to mold minds into more liberal, humanistic thinking.
  • Compulsory attendance laws shifted authority from the parents to the state.
  • Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conduct public school assemblies all over the nation. Their aim is not to educate, but to indoctrinate.
  • Children are in the cross-hairs of the homosexual movement.

Exit Public Eduation

After years of research and observation, Mr. Maddoux believes every Christian parent in America should get their children out of public schools. Even those who argued that we should not give up on public schools have also come to that conclusion. At the time of this writing, 90% of of Christian children still attend public schools. Mr. Maddoux applauds the Christian teachers who are in the classrooms. They are highly needed. The tone throughout the book does not go against teachers. The issue is “the curriculum and indoctrination that your child is receiving in spite of how nice his teacher is”.

Politicians and school teachers alike are sending their own children to private schools in record numbers. One must wonder if they know something we don’t. There are alternatives, but many parents are under a false sense of loyalty to the system. There is a real battle for the minds of children, and the decision to stay or leave is one a parent cannot take lightly.

What I thought of Public Education Against America

The reason I purchased this book is because I’m disappointed that so many cannot see what’s going on right in front of them. The book is a lot to digest. Do you remember that I mentioned the date this book was published? If not, the date was 2006. A lot has changed in nearly 20 years. Heck, a lot has changed in three years! And it’s not for the better by any stretch of the imagination. You know what else? WE ALL KNOW about the twisted propaganda being pushed. Yet, the yellow busses in my neck of the woods are full. Why is that? I’ve had nothing to do with public schools in nearly thirty years, so the stories from those around the country were shocking. I graduated from the public school system, I can recognize that public education was not at its best back then either. But now? Geeze!

Mr. Maddoux perfectly connects the dots in Public Education Against America. This book is for everyone asking, “what is happening?”. It is for parents of little ones, older ones, family members, the community, and definitely the churches. Honestly, it blows my mind how supportive my community and especially churches are of public education despite the anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-moral, and anti American dumpster fire that it is.

I have only scratched the surface of Public Education in America. I highly recommend giving it a read. Your eyes will be opened. The pieces will come together. You will have answers, and can do something about it. Your kids and America are worth it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you would like to learn more about the education system in America, I suggest Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto. It is a short read, and gets to the nitty gritty of how we got where we are. That book changed me. After that, you should be considering homeschooling. Check out Answers for Homeschooling by Israel Wayne. This will answer any and all questions you have about homeschooling.

My list of recommended reads on this topic will be growing. I’m on a mission……

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