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Learn U.S. Geography with PaperPie

If I could teach all subjects using one subject, it would be geography. There is so much to gain across all subject matter through geography: history, civics, religion, culinary arts, fine art, people, science, literature….you get the picture. Too bad I didn’t start a hundred years ago writing curriculum, I think I’d have something good to offer by now.

Since I don’t have the world’s greatest all-in-one geography based curriculum, I’ll resort to sharing resources I’ve used, as well as new ones I’ve come across during our 13 years of homeschooling. I’ll start with U.S. Geography with resources from PaperPie.

PaperPie is the new name, brand, and look for Usborne Books & More. The change took place at the end of 2022. Still the same great books, now with a few more products, and a name everyone can say!

There are ten items that cover U.S. Geography in a variety of ways for a variety of learners at different ages available through PaperPie. Whether you’re building your own curriculum, creating a unit study, or using various books and activities just for fun, I’m happy to share the details!

I am a PaperPie Brand Partner. I make a small commission from purchases made from my website, at no extra cost to you. This post contains affiliate links Thank you for supporting literacy, and my blog!

Ten U.S Geography Resources from PaperPie

  • Across the USA is a mega-activity book. It contains 105 pages of puzzles, games, factoids, and big fun! The recommended age is for 6 years and up. Honestly, I could see myself doing one of these activity books! Inside you will find games such as word searches, drawing & doodling, mazes, memory games and more, all related to the USA. There is also a perforated map with stickers in the back.
  • Spirit of the USA, Marvels of the USA, and Animals of the USA are also activity books, each one packed with 50 activities as the ones above. The activities focus on the respective titles. All are 64 pages each. All activity books contain solutions in the back.
  • Inventions of the USA & Wonders of the USA are unique Shine-a-Light books. They work by shining a flashlight behind the page to reveal hidden pictures. Find out what amazing inventions originate in the U.S and the stories behind them. Discover incredible landmarks from coast to coast in Wonders of the USA. Recommended for ages 4-8.
  • History Uncovered: The USA is quite the story! From the 1700s through today, view history one layer at a time through die-cut pages filled with dates, facts, and historical figures. Each die-cut spread builds on the last as more states are added to the union, culminating in a modern-day map of America. The opposite page becomes a mural of famous people. Recommended for ages 7-11.
  • State Capitals takes the reader to each capital city in the USA. Full page maps showcase natural features, historical landmarks, fascinating facts and statistics. A map key on each page gives details of the noted landmarks around the capital. A two-page spread of state flags, state flowers and animals, as well as glossary and index are in the back. Recommended for ages 8 and up (adults also love it)!
  • Explore! America’s National Parks may be one of my new favorites! Can I just park hop for the rest of my life? This beautifully illustrated 96 page book features several of our nation’s national parks, organized by region. This book is packed full of tips, specific plants & wildlife, things to be on the lookout for, and more! Recommended for ages 7 and up…or anyone with an adventurous spirit!
  • Learning Wrap-Ups States & Capitals are perfect for hands-on learning! The key shaped Wrap-Ups have an attached string that wraps from question to answers. Wrap-Ups have a self-correcting feature on the back of each key. Kids will master basic skills and have fun in the process. See them in action, and find out my 5 reasons they should be in every home here.

U.S. Geography & Homeschooling (or not)

Any of these titles would be awesome for any family’s library – not just homeschooling families. However, some homeschoolers like to turn anything into a unit study, and these certainly fit the bill. The mentioned resources can be easily used as the spine for a year-long study on an array of topics. Focus on just the animals, the inventions, or the national parks, all while learning the states and capitals as you go! Pack the activity books in the car in place of the iPad. It’s amazing what kids will soak up when not distracted with the latest app – although Stack the States did help my kids tremendously in the younger years, so that one’s okay! I’m kidding around, but there’s a different kind of connection with paper and pen (or crayon) in hand!

Other U.S. Geography Resources

The following items are not PaperPie, but have been used in our homeschool, or things I would use or highly recommend:

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