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Ninth Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2020-2021

Planning the first year of high school is easier the second time around. The obvious reason is that I’ve done it before. The second reason is with each passing year, I’ve gained more confidence. Truth be told, I would even say that homeschooling high school has been easier than homeschooling the lower grades. By now, much of their work is independent. There are only a few classes I “teach”. Thanks to online learning, and their ability to read and understand instructions themselves, I just have to make sure the work is complete. The bigger job now is being the positive motivator they need.

Just because my kids have been homeschooled from the very start, doesn’t mean they happily take their place at the kitchen table ready for today’s lesson like good little children. Quite the opposite. They are teenagers now. They lose pencils, can’t find their notebooks, and forget to study for the weekly vocabulary quiz. I catch them daydreaming, and my guess is that it’s about anything other than schoolwork. So, this year my job is to be a motivator and cheerleader to two teenagers. It’s a good thing I like to smile and clap.

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9th Grade Curriculum Choices

Some of this is a repeat of my previous post, 11 Grade Curriculum Choices , because some subjects are done together.

Math – Teaching Textbooks – Algebra 3.0 My son has done very well with this since 4th grade, so we will continue using Teaching Textbooks.

Science – Experience Biology I had full intentions of waiting until next year for my son to take biology. That is until I reviewed this curriculum over the summer, and was totally blown away! This is an online class, and there are so many awesome things about it, I’m going to go ahead and use it this year. Check out my review for all the details about what makes this course the best biology course!

History – All American History II. We completed all but the last unit of the first volume last year, so we will pick up where we left off. I use this with both kids (9th & 11th grade). Picking up in the mid-1800’s to the 21st century, I can’t wait to examine all the big events!

English – The Giggly Guide to Grammar. I purchased this years ago at a homeschool convention, and have had it tucked away for some time. Despite the title, it was actually more meaty than what I was looking for when I originally purchased it. I knew the timing was right this year to put it to use. We have done formal grammar for years and years. It’s time to revisit all those grammar rules in a lighter, more humorous way. And who couldn’t use some humor this year? I will be using this with both kids.

Bible – I will be putting some units together myself from various grace-based resources.

Elective – Health PACES 1-6 This is something I purchased for my daughter a couple of years ago, and has been a subject she enjoyed most. Actually, it has been one of the few things she has retained! Straight forward, bible based, thorough, and the least expensive thing I have ever purchased, I think it will be a home run using it the second time with my son.

That only leaves…..

Reading and writing! I have not made any final decision on what we will be reading, although I have a few ideas. I may try a couple of units from Progeny Press to go with what we’re reading. As far as writing, I decided that whatever I choose, both kids will use the same thing. They are close enough in age and abilities, so why make more work for myself? I am awaiting the new Institute for Excellence in Writing Level C to review for the Review Crew. They sent a sneak peek in the summer, but I need to see more before I make a final decision. I also have my eye on Writeshop. It may be mid-September before I finally decide. By then, we will (hopefully) have a good schedule and groove going, so it will not be a problem to add in a writing course.

I have carefully, purposefully, and prayerfully planned our days, and this will be just right for my son who is my “get it done” kid. He has asked for curriculum that can be done more independently, so he can have more time in his week to work. I think his request is a great idea, and will help him with prioritizing, time management, and “do it right, so you don’t have to do it over”.

Look for what other extras will be in our “Lunch Crate” next week to round off the school year.

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