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Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Neat handwriting is something I take notice of and appreciate. I can’t help but wonder if our frequent use of technology is taking away the beautiful art of handwriting? I have an older child that can still use some help in that department. When Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook from Everyday Education, LLC came available to review, I was eager to sign him up!

What is Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting?

Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook is a 218 page digital book (also available in a print format) that is designed to teach your child how to read well and write beautifully in sixty lessons. Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook covers a wide age range and can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To teach young children how to read and write.
  • To teach children with reading difficulties to read effectively.
  • To teach children to have fast, legible, attractive handwriting.
  • To teach yourself beautiful handwriting.

Perfect Reading

The ebook is divided into six chapters. The beginning contains information about reading, handwriting, and tips for teaching. The phonic method is used to teach sounds of the letters of the alphabet, then blending them together to form words. Over the next sixty lessons, the author claims that your child will be able to read almost every word they see with perfect pronunciation. I did not use this section of the book because my child is older, and reading well. I did look over it, and I would agree that with consistency, this looks like a great way to get your child reading and writing in no time! Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting would absolutely be something I would consider if I were teaching reading.

A peek at the suggested schedule, and a sample of lesson 5.

Beautiful Handwriting

Chapter Six of this book is a course in the basics of handwriting. The Italic style of handwriting is what is taught. It is said to be more legible, attractive and faster to write. I found the short history lesson about handwriting at the chapter opening, very interesting.

All this time, the method that I have been most familiar with is probably the most difficult of all! Drawing a perfect circle is tough for a child or an adult. Yet in almost all the models of manuscript printing the letters such as o, c, g, etc. are formed as perfect circles.

This chapter begins with writing upright italic letters, tracing a poem, then writing letters slightly slanted. The practice sheets have slanted lines on them as a guide. There is a poem, sentences, and quotes to give the student ample practice in this style of writing. Last, there are instructions and practice pages in using an edged pen to write using calligraphy. If you choose to get really fancy, there are instructions in how to add serifs and other variations. Practice sheets for those are available to print out as needed as well.

How we used Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting

I chose to use this in order to help my 14 year old son improve his handwriting. As he wrote, I noticed he is still holding his pen incorrectly. We have worked on this for awhile. Of course, because teenagers already know everything, he assured me that he writes better that way. He did try several of the pages as I watched, and some he did in his room. I can only assume that he was probably not at his desk using good posture and form. We did this in short sessions three times a week for a few weeks. With more practice and consistency, I really think this ebook can help improve anyone’s handwriting.

I really enjoying using Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook. I even tried my hand at calligraphy! I’m normally not the biggest fan of ebooks, but it this instance, it was nice to be able to print the pages I needed and how many to print. I also liked the simplicity of it, without all the pictures and distractions, which helps older kids use this without it seeming babyish. My son didn’t mind using it, and said it was okay. I don’t know many 14 year old boys who get too excited over practicing handwriting. Do you? We will give this another try later in the summer or fall, because I do see potential with this, unless he’s practicing to be a doctor in the future!

I love it when I get to learn something new – calligraphy!

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